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Home Care in Prescott, AZ

Several studies have indicated that roughly 12 million individuals throughout the country have received some sort of home care for a wide host of conditions. These conditions can range from long-term health conditions to permanent disability and even terminal illnesses. And when you consider that the fastest growing age demographic in the country is the 70 and over age bracket, it almost goes without saying that there will be a rise in the number of families that will need to find high-quality, fully accredited care to be on hand to provide aid and assistance for their golden aged love ones. And as anyone that has gone through this process before, it is a procedure that has great potential to cause a great deal of stress. Fortunately, there is plenty of high-quality, fully accredited home care services that are located within Prescott, Arizona, and these services are designed to provide a sense of independence to golden agers, not to mention a sense of relief to their families.

A Look at Living in Prescott

Prescott single-handedly demonstrates that Arizona is not all desert flatland. Rather than being surrounded by dry, dusty brush and sparse, rocky plateaus, this city of some 40,000 residents is tucked in the midst of the Bradshaw Mountains in central Arizona, where it rests about 5,400 feet above sea level. Because of the high elevation, Prescott boasts some unique geographic features that are typically not associated with Arizona, such as steady rainfall, green fields, and a summertime weather pattern that is mild when compared to other parts of the state. This may prove to be appealing to those that may be reluctant to move to Arizona because of its reputation for being hot desert land.

The geography and topography are not the only elements that make Prescott unique in comparison to other spots in Arizona. For instance, there are a host of Victorian style homes that are found within the city, which is something that particularly stands out considering that Arizona is a state noted for having buildings and residences that tend to lean toward more southwestern and Native American-inspired aesthetics. With that being said, there are a few elements that Prescott features that are definitely more in tune to what the rest of the state looks like, such as the four golf courses that are within its borders.

Prescott also has a pretty sterling reputation for being a cost-effective place to live. The city boasts a cost of living that is less in comparison to the national average. This may be particularly appealing to those that are looking for a place that will allow them to add a little elasticity to their dollar.

And while Prescott contains a lot of elements that aren't typically associated with the Grand Canyon State, it was well respected enough to be considered the Arizona's territorial capital twice before it officially became a state. It held the designation from 1864 to 1867, and again from 1877 until 1889. The city's history, and the history of Arizona in general, are well celebrated here, as it boasts twelve different National Register Historic Districts as well as over 800 buildings that are found on the National Register of Historic Places.

Prescott and Home Care

Home care, which occasionally goes by the terms home health care and in-home care, is essentially care administered to a senior by a professional caregiver within the confines of a senior's own residence. The responsibilities of the caregiver include helping the senior with basic activities essential for day-to-day home life like picking up groceries and cooking meals. The caregiver is also responsible for administering aid on a more intimate level, like bathing or getting dressed. And while the golden agers that have home care obviously receive a substantial measure of aid, the fact that the assistance that they receive happens within the confines of their own home provides them with a sense of freedom that they may not be able to experience as readily in a traditional senior living facility.

Living Nicely in Prescott

There are two key reasons as to why the home care scene in Prescott is so crucial. Firstly and obviously, the services give seniors a comfortable and familiar living space from which aid can be administered. Secondly, it provides peace of mind for the golden ager's family. And as any family with a golden age loved one receiving home care can most likely tell you, this latter element is something that is every bit as crucial as the former.