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Customer Reviews

4 stars working on 5 stars !!

I needed someone on short notice- my mothers other " helper " left without notice! Spoke to someone at Trumark on Sunday/ had a person with my mother on Thursday. The only issue we are working out is making sure the same person is available for the week. The caregiver has had to be out a few times in the early in this "relationship " - but hopefully this gets resolved! If this glitch is "fixed"- then Trumark will receive not 5 but 10 stars from me!

Happy with results

They were very quick to respond. However, over 22 days I had 10 different care givers and it was a new training every time I got someone new. Three of their care givers stand out and that would be Liz, Philomenia and Connie. They were outstanding. Price is competitive but I found that another company has a better rate if its a 24 hr care which I had the first 5 days. If ever need service again, I may try the less expensive company, strictly for cost purposes.

Not a good experience

Unfortunately our experience with Trumark was not a good one. Although the owners were very friendly, we ended up having multiple issues with the various caregivers they sent. Other than the caregiver who was a CNA none of the people were prepared or trained to perform many of the tasks my loved one required, they could not operate a hoyer lift or empty her bag. We also had multiple issues with short notice cancellations and not being able to get a replacement until many hours later. Based on my experience I would not recommend the service.

Great People

The people at Trumark are awesome! Kelly, the owner, is very hands on and has a great personality. I manage a team of Client Service Representatives so my expectations of customer service are pretty high. My first day was a little skewed because they sent me a (wonderful) lady who is afraid of dogs and I have two! I understand oversights happen so it didn't scare me away! I've only been using them for a few weeks, but it's been smooth sailing ever since! I highly recommend Trumark.

So far so good

Overall I think Trumark has done a good job. The office staff was easy to work with getting things set up, and for the level of care they're able to provide the aides they've sent to help my loved one have performed up to my expectations. I haven't heard any complaints from my loved one.

Loved ones

Everytime my mother came out i saw the same person that i know and love. This place is fantastic and very personal . I love it

We had the same girl come out every time.

We had the same girl come out every time. She was really sweet. We never had any issues with billing or anything like that. Everything worked out well.

Excellent home care service!

Our experience with Trumark Home Care was a very good one! The administrative staff was accommodating and easy to work with, and they helped us find a caregiver who was a great fit. We would definitely recommend the service!

Great experience

So far the caregivers that they have sent out have been very professional, thoughtful and have done everything that was expected of them. We have had a great experience with Trumark caregivers.


The lady came for the 2nd time and apparently rung the door bell and my mom did not get there quick enough so she went next door to the neighbors house. They did not have a phone number for them for my mother. My mother waited and no one ever showed up. I called and they said there was not a car in the driveway and she told them my mom does not drive so there would not be a car there. The lady did not feel comfortable coming back so we cancelled the services.

Lost and Found

Rebecca is outstanding!!!
GREAT follow up, advice and guidance.
I had no where to turn and she educated and advised me about my options. Thank you Rebecca!

Good service

Our experience with TRUMARK Home Care was a good one! They took good care of my loved one when he needed it, and if we need home care services in the future we'll be coming back to them.

Punctual and Safe

The workers are very punctual when arriving to do their job and they are also very knowledgeable about what they are doing and how it is done and I feel very safe with the services of Trumark Home Care.

Not entirely satisfied

Not sure if there has been a bit of miscommunication but the caregiver isn't doing much at all. From what my friends are telling me about this agency the caregiver think they are there strictly for companion services when my friend need a whole lot more than that. He is basically paraplegic and can't move anything from the neck down. the services needed are not currently being provided productively. As of now I will not be recommending them to anyone.

Fairly Positive Experience

Although it really takes some getting used to it's been a fairly positive experience. Of course nobody will take care of your home the way you would but they've done an okay job. The caregivers are friendly which makes it easier but it's still a challenge for me personally. the one things that kind of irritates me is that when trying to communicate with the office it either takes a while for them to answer or they don't answer at all. other than that it's been a good experience. Not sure I'd recommend them or not.

Decided to go with this company. The caretaker they sent is GREAT. She has a good rapport with Mom. Mom really does like her. The only thing is she is new to Georgia and does not the area where we live. Also, I asked for a person one night a week. The first week I had someone and the second week the person cancelled, they got a replacement, that person cancelled and at 4pm on the night I was to have coverage I was called and told they were still looking for coverage. I told them to forget it. They also have known for 3 weeks that the day caregiver was to be off one day and it was not until 36 hours before coverage was to be provided that I was contacted regarding a new person. I also had to make a call to inquire about the coverage and to see when the person would come so I could orient them to everything for my Mom. I was told that she could come an hour early (6am in the morning) and I told them that was not acceptable since I would be getting ready to go to work and would not have time to show someone everything and tell them info about my Mom. They did reschedule it for 6pm the evening before. Also, I have had trouble with the invoice regarding the time of the caregiver and have written the company and called them regarding clarification and still no response.

It was good while it lasted

Working with TRUMARK was great. They were very responsive and got things set up quickly. I appreciate how efficient they've been and would definitely recommend them.

Excellent care was given to mom by our CNA . Mom enjoyed her company. She kept the house in top top shape. She could see things that needed to be done without me asking. I felt I could go to work with her watching over my mom. What a great comfort at this time. Would highly recommend Trumark !

A remarkable experience.

My mother-in-law is not the easiest person to please and working with TRUMARK has been fantastic! She really likes her caregiver and I haven't heard any complaints. The entire experience has been remarkable! They have exceeded my expectations beyond belief! I highly recommend them and am very appreciative of their services!

Pleased with the service

We've had a great experience with Trumark Home Care! They sent a great caregiver right off of the bat, and they've been very accommodating with any extra weekend scheduling we've needed to do. They were also very helpful in regards to getting some billing issues worked out. We would absolutely recommend them!

Working well so far!

So far things have gone well with Trumark Home Care. They're performing exactly as I'd hoped they would. The caregiver has been reliable, and very accommodating to any requests we've had. I asked her to take my loved one out every now and then for a change of scenery and she's been happy to take her on drives or out to the park!

Excellent service!

We're very pleased with the service we've received from TRUMARK! All of the people they've sent have been wonderful. They've always been accommodating in terms of scheduling, and have been able to help us out in a few last minute situations. We've had a little confusion with the billing and getting things worked out with the insurance, but once that is all worked we will be entirely satisfied!

Excellent service so far!

Things have gone very well with Trumark and we couldn't be happier with the service we've received! They were the first to respond to our inquiry, and were very thorough in the following discussions. They checked in every few days initially, to make sure everything was going as well as possible. We lucked out in that the first lady they sent us has worked out absolutely fantastically. She gets along great with my loved ones, and does her job flawlessly!

Sitter Experience

Our situation required that our elder could not be left home alone or attend the activities we needed to attend due to a recent set back in health. The sitters provided by Trumark gave us peace of mind while we were out of town. We will use them in the future when the need is there and would reccommend the services to others who have need of a sitter. Thanks.

Trumark Home Care

They work hard to send the right caregiver out for your family's needs. Gail, the employee supervisor, does an awesome job recruiting and training the caregivers,