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I thought when I found Traditions At Portage Trail owned by National Church Residences I had finally found a decent place for my mother. They advertise Since 1961 combining compassion and professionalism in our ministry of housing and our services to older adults. It is my experience and opinion that this is all marketing propaganda as there Administrator Josephine H Stanovcak is a dictator who falsifies information just so she does not have to deal with anything and actually leave her office. The elevators are Down for maintenance more than they are up is seems like. On Memorial Day of this year we could not even get my mother out for over 5 hours for our family cookout! I would have hated to see if someone needed lifesaving care during one of their inconvenient outages. The marketing machine in the place promises a lot but is very low on actually producing what it promises. They advertise three meals a day freshly prepared but by prepared they mean pretty much dog food and even that is limited as my mother and her friends often are denied seconds Which would be fine if the portions were actually realistic. My mom is one of the fortunate ones who actually have a very small kitchen so I buy her groceries and microwave foodstuffs to compensate. They are severely understaffed which you can confirm by looking in the help wanted section of the papers They technically allow dogs but since they have some staff who are Cynophobic (Fear of dogs) and then I wonder why would they would hire someone like that if they know dogs are present This makes for a very uncomfortable arrangement for the residence and the staff. It is again my opinion that Dogs allowed are more of a marketing bullet. I believe that it is because of a poor wage for their employee and they have to fill positions so the employee just must deal with it. In continuing I find it funny that the top half of the building is owned or completely run by a different company! Their policy is that no one is allowed from the top floors to come to the bottom floors even if invited. This is a problem as my mother has made a few friends on the upper floors since they meet in the shared elevators and on the common grounds. This is an assisted living facility and if my mother wants the president to come and sit with her in her apartment that is her business Big brother should not have even an opinion! closing I would strongly adjure anyone looking at this facility to keep looking.