Synergy Homecare - Denver, CO

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Customer Reviews


I feel like the owner is very unprofessional. There were two separate occasions where two of the caregivers canceled at last minute and there was no backup. I called the cellphone of the owner and I couldn’t get ahold of her and she wouldn’t call me back. When I was finally able to get ahold of her she was extremely defensive and said she tried to call all of the caregivers to find someone to come over. I was upset by her reaction because she said she did her due diligence. One of the caregivers the sent us before was about the same age as my Mother and she felt uncomfortable because she couldn’t do certain things we needed her to do. When I spoke with the owner about this, she got angry at me. One of the other caregivers was supposed to be able to take my mom places and she didn’t have enough gas and my Mother had to pay for it. However, two of the caregivers I did have were really nice ladies and they cared about my mom a lot. This agency is unprofessional and I cannot recommend them.