Synergy Home Care - Upland, CA

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Customer Reviews

Not as flexible

This agency would have been my second choice for my father-in-law's in-home care. They were very informative when I called for information, availability, and pricing. I just did not feel they were as flexible about the scheduling as I needed.

They Are Helpful At Giving Me A Break

The caregivers have been accommodating for us. They provide companionship while I'm away, it relieves me for a few hours. They have been getting along together and he is doing fine while the caregiver comes over.

Found the administrator difficult and did not act professional. We agreed on a one day trial, he continued to send people weekly without discussing or confirming if the caregiver was a rigjt fit. He demanded paument and then became angry and threatening when I attempted to discuss our agreement. I will never recomend them and they did not help as promised, it created more problems in an already difficult situation

Great Company!!

The Synergy Home Care has been great. The Nurses that go to my father-in-law's home are very helpful. Some of them do dishes, prepare him nutritious meals, and do his laundry as well as tend to his every need. The only problem we have had so far with Synergy is finding a steady nurse, but the company has been great about it and really working with us to find a solution. They defiantly are a good company and i have actually already recommended them and will continue to use their services.