Synergy Home Care - Seattle, WA

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Customer Reviews

Great Care!

My mother loved the girl she got the second time, and when she tried to get her back and the lady was on vacation. The lady while she was there, was very nice and did everything my mother needed and asked for her to do.

A good experience!

We used Synergy Home Care for a little while during my vacation. The person I initially spoke with was very good at setting things up. The caregivers were there when they were supposed to be and I did not hear of any complaints. I would recommend this home care agency.

Great job

The caregivers that Synergy sent out have been wonderful. Each one of them was helpful, attentive, professional and very competent. The administrative staff has done a great job finding caregivers that fit our needs.

Very Flexible

They have been very flexible with their scheduling and that has been helpful. We have had to add a couple days here and there to make accommodations, and they do well with short notice. The caregiver we have is very good and a good asset.

Very Impressed

Well, one of the caregivers saved her life with the Heimlich maneuver, so that was impressive. Overall i am just very impressed with them. I have had four different workers and they are all very friendly.


The experience with Synergy Home Care has been great. They had a really good intake process, which was done by one of the co-owners. I really like that it is owned by a couple that is so involved in the process. They did a great job assessing our needs and assigning the right care provider based on those needs, and she has been fabulous! She proactively thinks of things that she can do to help mom out, and things she can do with mom that mom would enjoy.

If I were to give them any feedback it would be to have tighter communication amongs the staff members, as there was a time or two early on when we received some calls to get information that was already in moms file. That was the only thing that has not been perfect about the experience.

I am very grateful and it has far exceeded my expectations.

really great

The people are really great, I love them, and they do a really good job when they're here. The only thing I can even think of that could make me any happier with them is this: for some reason (which is likely some sort of state law or some sort of liability issue on their part) if mom falls, they are not able to pick her up, and I would like it if they could.

They are very consistent in their help and care, and they are very accommodating, always willing to be flexible where we need them to.


I was very impressed with Ray Fitzgibbon, the person from the main office that I spoke with. He does a great job of listening to what a family really needs and setting them up with an appropriate caregiver. Everyone we've worked with from Synergy has been very friendly and professional.

they take care of my Mom

When you get to this point of having to find someone who is like a family member but isn't to care for your parent or loved one, it is incredibly stressful. Sorting through all the agencies, playing phone tag with anonymous people, researching the financial equations, etc. you end up feeling like there is no one out there who will care about your parent, you and who frankly will be reasonable with their fees. Ray and Carole Fitzgibbon/Synergy Homecare Seattle will save your life. They actually CARE. They put that FIRST and put everything together around that. For everything they do for families they could charge top dollar but they don't. They are just amazing with what they offer. They pick caring caregivers who are hard working, intelligent and have huge integrity. Carole will work with families on their needs, even if the scheduling or needs are complicated. Nothing seems to phase her or them. Their pricing is extremely competitive and in some cases, probably too much so (for them). Our family can't recommend them enough.