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Customer Reviews

Don’t hire this agency

We gave them four chances to send someone out that actually knew how to change a catheter and not a single one of them did it right. They unnecessarily removed drainage tubes, disconnected the wrong piece causing leakage, and then the last guy put it on upside down causing no drainage at all. When I got home he had 18 oz of urine in his bladder (not counting the urine that spewed everywhere causing me to have to wash the floor, his bedding, change his clothes and give him another shower). Some of the caregivers also lied. My father in law requires a very specific diet that is low sugar, low sodium and low carb due to his diabetes. One of the caregivers didn’t listen to my instructions very well and gave him a banana (the highest sugar content fruit I can think of) instead of the blueberries I told him to. When I got home his blood sugar was 250 and that’s before he even had lunch!!! The other seemingly simple task I gave was to wash dishes. One of the guys broke my favorite mug which is irreplaceable as it was a gift and also chipped the lip on one of my glasses. The dishes looked they had literally just been tossed into my dish rack. They were sitting every which way in my dishrack making it impossible for them to drain and causing me more work because I had to hand dry almost every one of them instead of just putting dried dishes away. The last guy who put the catheter on upside down causing it to not drain at all also told the agency he did the dishes when he did not. I had to wash them all myself when I got home throwing the rest of my day completely off. This is very frustrating as I have 4 kids (3 of them are 6 and under) and I run on a very tight schedule to get everything done and have meals on the table in a timely manner. We also had a standing appointment for the same time every Monday from 8:30 to 12:30 and they called me EVERY week on Sunday to tell me they were still looking. One week nobody came and I couldn’t take my daughter to her class. When I called the agency to fire them, the lady I spoke to wanted me to once again list off all of the reasons why I was firing them and then had the nerve to make a snide comment about how I was upset because one of the caregivers put dad’s catheter “in the wrong drawer” when I never asked the caregiver to put it in ANY drawer. I asked him to hang it on the towel rack to dry. The drawer he put it in is one we don’t even use! I looked everywhere for it when it was bedtime and couldn’t find it everywhere. Luckily we had an extra one so I just put a brand new one on him (our last one). Anyway, I would NOT recommend this place, they are rude liars and in my opinion, they don’t have qualified caregivers.

Prompt very friendly personnel. Will use them when extra help is needed.

Very Helpful and wonderful

I recommend care service from A Helping Hand HomeCare. Their caregivers are very punctual and are always here on time. My mother loves them as well. They sent over a gentleman one day and my mother thought it would be an issue, but she ended up liking him too. They were able to make breakfast for her one morning. The caregivers are wonderful to be honest. I appreciate all the help that they provided. They typically tidy the general area and occasionally make my mother’s bed and assist with laundry. It is nice to know that my mother will be in good company when I’m away from home and they are always there to help.

Great in home care

The staff at this community have been great in helping me with the needs for my husband. They are always the friend and caring and professional. I like that they were able to help us getting someone in the home for care. We like the caretaker that comes to our home and is very nice and caring to make sure that my husband's needs are taken care of. We like that they arrived on time. We would recommend this home care service for the great staff and the excellent care taker.

Ok, but could be better

We hired A Helping Hand HomeCare to make sure dad is safe, basically to be there in case my dad falls. The caregiver does some of the shopping, but my dad says the meals prepared are not very good. I recently came back from visiting with dad and the floors were not clean. I haven't heard any complaints about them not showing up on time. I did hear when they first started providing service for my dad that they were often checking their phone. My dad is not a conversationalist, so we were not looking for companionship. I was hoping that hiring them they would provide me with peace of mind that his care needs were being taken care of and would help out as needed.

In home Care for my husband

I was very happy with this service for my husband. The service was able to find someone to help with the needs of my husband. The caretaker is wonderful and able to help with laundry, cooking and the personal care needed. We like that she is reliable and on time. We would recommend this service and the caretaker to other families and a great value.

Care for mom

I am very happy with this service and the staff are always nice and caring about the needs we are looking for when it comes to in home care. The caretaker we have is very respectful and caring for my mom's needs. We are happy with her assistance for personal care and some house hold responsibliities. We would recommend this service for the great care and value that is received.

In home care

I am happy with the services. The staff are very helpful and always helpful in sending someone to assist in the needs of in-home help. The caretakers are nice and always able to help with the needs that we are requesting. I would recommend this service for other families needing in-home assistance.

My mom's good care at home

This is an excellent service. The staff is professional and very reliable to have great caretakers to come to your home for care. The caretaker is very good to my mom and her needs. She helps with light housekeeping and meals. She is a good companion for my mom.We like that she is on time and reliable. We would recommend this service to other families.

Out of four people one of them wasn't good, that's a 25% failure rate.

There was an issue with quality of care. We had an issue with one person not being trained to do the job we needed. The person was not performing anything we were asking them to do. But the other people have been decent. Out of four people one of them wasn't good, that's a 25% failure rate. Their response time was good, and they respected my decision not to pay for that caregiver. The owner did a good job handling the situation.

Communication was good!

The organization was good. Communication was good. I had difficulty in getting a care giver that met my needs. It has taken a while to get a schedule set. Its very good. I would recommend this organization. I rate everything 5 stars. I cannot rate the Cleanliness and the Activities because this is not a property. A Helping Hand is an organization that sends a caregiver to home to help my loved one. Overall, This is a 5 star Organization.

From the Provider

• A live CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) answers our phone 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year
• All of our managers carry Email-Capable Smart Phones, so immediate response to any changing conditions is only a phone call away
• Geriatric Care Manager on staff for more complicated issues such as coordinating additional medical professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Rehab,) arranging for Power of Attorney, and other important tasks
• We are one of the largest and most-respected agencies in the greater Puget Sound area. We are a locally-owned company serving King, Snohomish, Pierce, Thurston and Kitsap Counties
• Professional Client Manager dedicated to your family, and to your continued satisfaction
• Quality Assurance Manager that provides ongoing training for all our Caregivers, and regular inspections to ensure the service we provide is always outstanding
• We utilize the Caregiver Matching Program™ to ensure compatibility - with over 150 Caregivers - we will find the perfect match for your family!