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Extremely disappointed

As upset as I am right now, you would think I'd give negative stars, but being an honest person, I want to acknowledge that we have had several very sweet caregivers. Unfortunately that is the crux of the problem.

My parents, 90 & 93, have been clients of Husky off and on for a few years. We loved using a local company and appreciated that Matt came out himself initially to meet and talk about Husky. The problem has been that Husky has a hard time keeping a consistent workforce and there have been multiple changes in the caregiver assigned to take care of our parents. This is especially difficult for folks who are picky about what they would like to have done and as you may know, the older we get, the less we like change.

My parents have felt that they are constantly retraining people and just when they have someone they like and feel comfortable with, they change. My parents have complained numerous times (including directly to Matt) and have received constant reassurance that the situation would improve. We have changed days and times we request service to accommodate what we have been told is a solid employee who will stick with us only to be in the same situation time and time again.

What has me extremely upset right now is that Husky provided us with a great caregiver who decided to leave their employ and go to another position. When asked if we could follow her there, she did not solicit us to do so, but offered the name of where she was going.

I cancelled services with Husky due to the changes being too much for my parents to bear and looked into the new company, found our caregiver and hired her. Both she and my parents were so happy to be able to be together, but now Husky has frightened her so much, she says, "they have convinced me they have all the power and I am weak," due to a non-compete clause they have all employees sign (do you really think they explain what they are having these folks sign?).

I was honest with Husky. I told them what we were doing and why. This "caring, compassionate service" they provide that scares their employees and alienates their customers. Leaving elderly folks to suffer because an employee chose to go somewhere where they can make more money.

Trying to calm a caregiver and convince them that their ex-employer is not going to go after them in court because they know they would lose and it's not worth the time just doesn't cut it. To this sweet woman who just wants to work for people she enjoys and who enjoy her, it is more than she can handle. She is afraid they can ruin her. Seriously, Husky? You wonder why you have such turnover?

So now I will look for a new caregiver for my parents. Rest assured it will NOT be through Husky Senior Care.

Thank You

Our beloved mother needed extra support in a local retirement community in 2015. We received a referral from the facility. The owner came out to meet us almost immediately, then a manager and service started. Everything care wise ran so smooth and the support we received from the staff and manager made us so releaved! I highly recommend Husky not only for the great care they provide but the exceptional service. The care staff treated our late mother respectfully and tailored the care goals to a T!

Medical appointment facilitator (tran...

Medical appointment facilitator (transportation, note taker); Medication monitoring (lactulose) Incontinence Management related to lactulose Two 2-hour shifts: 8-10am + 8-10 pm.

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Husky Home Care is the Seattle area’s Stay Home Alternative.

We provide hourly, overnight, and 24-hour services to make staying home the pleasure it once was for you. We provide:

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