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Unprofessional Staff

This past Sunday, my family and I stopped to see my Aunt. When we arrived at Spice of Life Personal Care Home, we witnessed an in-home health aide being verbally abusive to a resident. This resident had an obvious decline in his mental ability. The resident was at the door attempting to exit the home. Instead of using a therapeutic approach the aide spewed unsavory and disrespectful language to the resident. My family and I were completely baffled. My cousin, a registered nurse, was able to deescalate the situation by speaking in a monotone caring tone to the resident and walking with him to the patio of the home. The aide continued to speak in a harsh tone stating that she was calling the police and that “she had a heart issue so she did not have time for this”. While on the patio, the resident explained to my cousin and I that the aid hit him in the face and was stealing his money. The aid allowed the resident to speak with his Sister in law on the phone and this appeared to put the resident at ease. Another staff arrived and attempted to assist the aid with the resident. This staff was also verbally abusive and had absolutely zero patience. My family and I are aware of memory difficulties that are associated with aging however we feel as if the behavior of both staff were highly inappropriate.