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Customer Reviews

We have been very pleased with their service.

We have been very pleased with their service. We haven't had any issues with reliability or anything at all so far. The lady they sent us has been really wonderful, and we have the same person on a consistent basis. We have been happy.

They have been reliable and helpful.

They have been reliable and helpful. We are happy with them, and they are working out well.

Very helpful

Audra has been very responsive to my calls and questions. She has primarily been the one working with my mom as well. She has been very helpful throughout the process of transitioning my mom from nursing facility to home. She has also been good at understanding my mom's personality and her reluctance to have someone coming in to her home.


Very professional and helpful. Overall an extremely positive experience and I recommend them highly.

They Provided The Care We Needed

For what we used them for, the care was good. They were taking care of my father while my mother was in the hospital because he couldn't be by himself.


We got them for my brother and they're still with us and that was all very good. We haven't had any problems so far. Of course my brother complains because he doesn't like feeling like he's lost his independence but they're very good. They're right on top of everything. I know when I called them to come out everything was just fine it was great and it's been great ever since.

Everybody would love to get things cheaper but in my opinion, for the area, it's good. I don't think there's any issues with the price as long as you're getting the care that you're paying for and we are.

Didn't Do Their Jobs

It didn't really work out good. The caregiver stopped showing up so we quit the whole thing. She was really great in the beginning and then she kept standing up my mom and dad all the time plus it was a fortune. It turned into a nightmare. Mom was supposed to get a caregiver that cooked and none of them did. I'm not kidding when I say they didn't know how to cut an onion or boil and egg.

The whole problem is that this company had two caregivers in the whole bay area and they were in Santa Rosa, they sent us one from Modesto which is really far away. She was great but she couldn't' come from Modesto everyday. The next girl was great to start with and then she stopped showing up and then she never logged out so the hours got all messed up. She just didn't do her job. I don't think she's working there anymore.

No Issues So Far

I'm fine with them. I haven't had any issues so far. They're providing 24 hr. It's a lot of dollars! A big part of the decision was pricing and cost. It's expensive but they were not as expensive as the other services we checked.

Mom and the family talked t...

Mom and the family talked to Audra and we hired Special Hearts Homecare. We were impressed with what they offered and their professionalism. They are having another supervisor come in for a week (starting tomorrow) to assist and make recommendations for Dad's care. Other agencies I am familiar with do not offer that. Mom feels at peace about the decision which she did not feel with another agency.

Really like Director and that she is ...

Really like Director and that she is so flexible and helpful.

From the Provider

Special Hearts Homecare is dedicated to providing personalized care and is available when you need us. Our quest is to keep seniors and those in need in the comfort and security of their own homes, without the loss of possessions, spirit, or independence.

When you are ready to take the next step we are here to answer your questions and offer any support you or your family may need.

We are dedicated to quality service, client safety, family involvement, and peace of mind.

Special Hearts Homecare takes the responsibility of caring for those that can't care for themselves, and we take this responsibility seriously. The care provided is done so with compassion, empathy, security, dedication, dignity, and respect.