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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only

Customer Reviews

No regrets

I looked at many places before deciding on Savannah Court and cottages of Oviedo. I definitely know now that my parent who has been there for close to four months, I made the right decision. It is small enough that the staff know each resident but large enough to offer nice activities. My mother is happy which means everything. She states the food is good and she gets plenty. If there are any issues the staff has notified me in a timely manner. I highly recommend Savannah Court and cottages of Oviedo.

Because I LOVE my DAD

September of 2018 I had to place my Dad in memory care. You would find it hard to find a more caring, safe and clean place to have someone you love placed.

Everyone, no matter their job at Savannah Court of Oviedo are awesome. They know each resident because the interact with them 24/7. I change up my routine of coming, which allows me to learn that they are always there tending to my Dad and all the residents. Everyone is treated equal! Even when I've gotten the phone call at 9pm or 2am.

The staff keeps me updated on Dad's activities and how he is doing, even though I usually pop in daily. The PT/OT staff share with me how Dad is doing and what activities I can do with him while I am there.

Savannah Court WELCOMES family to come and interact with their Love One(s). I have come to enjoy/love some of the other residents there as well.

Savannah Court of Oviedo is TRULY the BEST place that you can TRUST the CARE of the ONE YOU LOVE.

Nice facility. [Name removed] our tour guide, was very professional and helpful. She answered all of our questions And tried to help us in anyway she could. We are considering this facility for our father

This is the place we choose for Mom. The only reason I haven’t given 5 stars is because we haven’t gotten moved in yet. We were able to score one of the largest rooms so she’ll have plenty of her own personal space which was important to her. There was lots of staff members around and they were all very friendly. They seemed to understand mom’s needs and appear able and willing to provide the needed care.
We’ll be moving mom in a week or so only time will time. As we all know, making these decisions are hard for everyone and there is rarely the perfect place but I do hope Savannah Court will be the last move she’ll have to make.

Staff is friendly!!

The staff at this community was very friendly and helpful while she was in there care. They where accommodating to her needs and where very professional in there work. It was the perfect fit for her and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Secure Place

They are doing a great job. I feel very secure that my dad is being well taken care of. They are always very helpful and friendly. They are available to answer my questions at any time. My dad is acclimating to this environment better than I thought he would. The credit goes to the staff.

Exceptional staff that makes you feel your loved ones are being properly supported

Overall I would rate this facility and staff as excellent. My Dad has recently, 6 months ago now, moved into this facility when he could no longer live alone. The staff was wonderful and supportive during the transition. They were very knowledgeable and helpful with the issues that come up during the transition process. Once he completed the transition Savannah Court nursing staff has done an excellent job tracking his medications and contacting me if anything should happen, even if it is something minor such as a non injury related fall, or if there is something that may need attention for his benefit. His diet has improved and consequently his health has improved. The staff has been very supportive to address any concern I have about the services, care or issues that come up from time to time relating to my Dad. You can always find fault with anything not being perfect, such as quality of food or activities that are available, but I'm extremely thankful and appreciative to have found the staff and support that Savannah Court provides.

A Cozy Community

I feel the community needs to educate the family about the care cost that may add to the monthly rent. It has made a big difference in the long run for us. They are equipped to provide care for my loved ones and since using the memory care it has been more costly. The care is good and I was more focused with the care. The meals could be prepared to taste better. It is not the best. I liked that it is small and homey, it allows them to feel cozy.

Tried The Community Experience

My dad is not at this community anymore but it was not all bad, it just didn't work out for him. He lived in a clean community and the staff cared for him well. As for the meals it was not his favorite, it was not what he was used to. They had activities for him to get involved with but he was not into it.

Great memory care unit!!

The thing I am most pleased with at this community is how well of a job the nurses do at keeping in contact with me about everything that goes on with my mother. The nurses and aids also have done a wonderful job at making sure my mother gets a shower everyday and her hygiene is kept up since she can't remember to do that for her self. Her nutrition has also improved immensely, since making the move into this facility she has gained weight with the help of all the staff reminding her of her meal times. They have an awesome memory care unit that involves the residents in different activities and techniques that help them improve there memory loss. I am very thankful for the care this place has been providing my mom and would highly recommend it.

I moved my Mother at the end of Sept. 2016 to Savannah Cittages from another facility. I am very happy with the staff and cleanliness of the facility. My step father is in the next building and the staff accommodates us by bringing him to eat meals with my Mother which is very much appreciated. I would definitely recommend Savannah Cottages and Court.

The best place in the world!

This community is really homey. My loved one loved it here and is doing wonderful. The food is nice and they are always doing tons of activities. I also like that they have a wrap around porch for the residents to sit outside and get some fresh air. They also have plenty of staff to make sure that the residents have the proper care. I would absolutely recommend this place to my friends and family.

Very Nice Staff

My father in law seems to be doing well here at this community. They have a very nice staff here, they are attentive and friendly. We know he is being cared for well here. They do a good job keeping the community well maintained, everything is very nice and clean. There are activities offered for the residents. He seems to be eating well. I would recommend this community, he is in good hands here.

Nice place, a bit understaffed

I think Savannah Court is a nice place, overall. The facility itself is clean and well kept, and the staff is friendly and professional. However, I do think they are understaffed in general. The people they do have are over-utilized and stressed, it would really help if they added a few more people.

I would recommend Savannah Court!

This is a nice community and kept clean except for my moms room. I have not had a chance to try the food but when we visit on the weekend she has had a sandwich and soup. There was an issue with giving her her insulin as the nurse was not aware the cap was on the needle so she was not getting her medication. She is doing better since talking to other residents and going outside often.

Great experience from start to finsh.Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Mom is happy

Mom is happy with Savannah Court and Cottage Oviedo. She really likes the smallness of it there. She is getting plenty of attention. They are taking real good care of her. They get her to join some activities but really she is past that point. We are just real happy with this facility overall.

A Great Place for Mom

Savannah Court and Cottage of Oviedo has proven a perfect fit for my mother-in-law's needs. A series of strokes left her unable to live on her own, but still well enough to not require skilled nursing. The staff at Savannah Court provide her with conscientious daily care for her personal needs and take the time to engage her in activities with the other residents and guest presenters. The rooms are clean and welcoming, and the care providers are friendly and gentle.

Not so much...

We are brand new to this facility. The best thing it has going for it, is the proximity to my home and area shopping.

The first weekend the a/c went out, which, okay it happens. However when my parent inquired about why it was so hot, we were told that the person who takes care of it would be in the next day, since it was a Sunday, and there is very little staff there on weekends. I had to ask for the person in charge, who came to look, but said she couldn't call the a/c company, per her boss. I had to bring up the law and mention that they were breaking it, before the staff got back on the phone with the administrator, who finally called and got it fixed. It was 80 degrees in that room for almost 24 hrs, but the biggest issue was if I wasn't there and didn't get "ugly" how long would it have been? At the same time the purified drinking water dispenser went out, which made a lovely recipe for dehydration.
The food is somewhat salty, but quite palatable, plentiful portions, plenty of snacks, including fresh fruit, available. They will bring you a tray if you are not well enough to go to the dining room.

When ordering a urine sample there was some confusion and my parent was asked 3 times on different days, including 10 pm at night, to provide a sample, the first sample wasn't sent with the paperwork evidently, so instead of calling the lab, they kept asking for samples. When the Dr ordered the medication for the infection, I requested an anti fungal to be taken with it, which the Dr wrote for her take at the end of the dose of antibiotics, which by then, the fungus would have already grown and caused much discomfort, however they wouldn't change it.

We were billed for a prescription we never ordered, and we never signed up for our meds to be provided by their pharmacy. I still have to try to straighten that out.

The latest issue was my parent trying to get a simple roll of toilet paper!!! Honestly? A basic item of housekeeping. The administrator came with one roll, & installed it incorrectly so that all we could dispense was one sheet at a time, I had to find someone to just provide a loose roll.

There was supposed to be a newspaper to read per the marketing person. The house only orders one paper for 26 residents, and the other families that pay for a paper are expected to share. When we asked for one, no one would share, so our expenses just went up again for a daily paper to be delivered.

The day I went into the laundry room to check on the sheets being done, I found a fire hazard in the dryer vent above the dryer which was caked with over an inch of lint on a 10"x10" screen.

The room could have been a bit cleaner when we took residence, I requested the valance be dusted, since while hanging curtains I discovered caked on dust. The carpet had spots on it, the doors were scraped up, there was a black area around the sink caulking, the screen was bent and off the window. There are very cumbersome and institutional style toilet paper dispensers which make it difficult to put any additional items around the toilet, which as you know, are much needed for the elderly with incontinence. They did however respond to all requests to fix and clean what was needed, however it takes time. The bathroom door still won't close properly, and the carpet hasn't been cleaned yet.

There was man that expired in his bed and the door was left open, my parent kept asking someone to check on him as she went passed and saw that he didn't look so well. If they knew he had passed why leave the door open, and if they didn't know, then shame on whoever opened the door and did nothing.

The biggest problem I have is that on the weekends there are so few people there, you can't even get someone on the phone. Twice I called and once my sister called when our parent would not answer her phone. Twice the facility phone rang and rang with no answer, & then a resident that did not have her mental faculties answered and was not able to help at all. I worry what will happen when I am out of town.
They have shopping trips and days out which are great.

The television room has an ancient projection TV which is hard to see from all angles, and all the outside flower pots are filled with fake silk flowers that are just hideous looking . Considering the infusion of cash that comes with every new resident, one would think they could manage something a bit better. There is lovely patio furniture out front at least, and a nice outside courtyard with a jasmine vine arch, and shade. The shady side is where all the smokers go, so that makes it difficult for non smokers to enjoy.

Many of these things are minor, and just annoying, but they keep piling up, one thing after another, and it has only been a few weeks. My mother is very particular, and sometimes difficult, so I try not to say too much to the staff. She is already making a reputation for herself which I fear is not favorable, however since we invested in the place to move in, we will not be leaving anytime soon.

There is a buy in to live there, which is non-refundable, so I would make sure it's where you want to put your parent before buying in. I wish I had.

I toured Savannah Ct and was very pleased with the facility. My mother was admitted on 3/23/15. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but everyone has been very supportive.

I knew I could never put my parents there, never in a million years.

We considered going here, but the room was tiny. They wanted to do some shuffling around with the rooms to get us into a bigger one eventually, but it just felt shady. As soon as I walked into the memory care, I started gagging from the smell of urine. I knew I could never put my parents there, never in a million years.

Amazing Staff and Facility

I can't say enough about this facility and the Staff! They are truly amazing! The help, compassion and caring of the staff is amazing!! Feels like home! I was in need of a facility for my mom really quick and the service and accommodations of my needs went above my expectations! Susan, Catherine, Gladys and Gerry are Awesome!! Thank you soo much for making this transition for my mom enjoyable and Us to!

Warm and courteous staff

We're very pleased with how things have gone at Savannah Court, they're very nice people! Before we took my loved one to see the community for the first time the people at Savannah asked me about his interests so that they could have a few small gifts prepared for him, to help him settle in! Everyone here is warm and gracious! The facility itself is clean and well kept, and they take great care of the people who live here!

It's pretty good.

It's pretty good. Sometimes they aren't as attentive and responsive as I would like. I don't get a calendar of events, and I don't see a whole lot of activity. The food was about average. In general they are doing okay. She is walking better now, and is better cared for. There really aren't any choices for the meals, it's a meal what they are having is what they are having. I liked that it was all on one floor with the rooms around and the stuff to do in the center. Not as institutional and it was a little bigger.

my mother loved the staff. ...

my mother loved the staff. the rooms are a little small and my mother may be a little higher functioning than the other residents. my mother liked this one because of the staff.

Good community

We use the memory care unit. The staff is really great. They’ve treated me really well. They’re doing some activities all the time. The staff has a difficult job and they do a terrific job. There is a wide range of health levels in the residents.

Nice looking community

We toured this community when we were looking into care options for our loved one. This place looked very nice, and was definitely an option we were considering. The staff were friendly, and the facility itself is beautiful. However we ended up touring another that really won us over, so we did not select this community in the end. I do think they would have done a great job and they are definitely worth a look!

A place that Mom calls home

Savannah Courts of Oviedo has a very welcoming atmosphere and home like feeling from the moment you walk in the front door. The rooms are kept very clean and the staff is friendly and attentive to the needs of the residents. My mom is proud to call this ALF "home" and she does! I would highly recommend this ALF for your loved ones.

The Staff was Like Family

My mom was there a little over four months. The staff treated her like family. When the staff greeted her, they would say "Shirley, welcome home!" The majority of the staff did that, and you could tell she knew she was supposed to bet there. I loved that about them. I wrote them letters about that. I know there is a large turnover in most of these types of places, but I didn't see turnover there. I thought that was really good. My concern was that their staff was really minimal, and you could always use more help. Those ladies worked their tails off. They worked so hard and it really impressed me. Cleanliness was sometimes an issue, but whenever you have people with dementia trying to take care of themselves, it's going to be a little tough. I think that they were as clean as it was possible to be, and I was totally happy with them. Everyone was so friendly and kind, and I spent a lot of time there. I was there at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they were always friendly. I really liked that they didn't have a long hallway, but a big rec room/dining room with multiple wings shooting off of it. The set up made it feel like more of a home.

Ashley Magill

Local Representative

Thank you for sharing your experience with Savannah Court and Cottage of Oviedo. We are pleased to hear that your loved one is adjusting well. We are honored to provide service to Shirley and your family.

They have outings to different lunch places regularly...

We selected Savannah Court in Oviedo FL since it was 15 minutes from our home, had many activities and was an appealing atmosphere. My Mom is adjusting but she wants to return to her home in New York state but we do not think this will be possible since she fell and now has therapy regularly and they have an in house doctor and podiatrist at the facility. They have outings to different lunch places regularly and at Christmas a bus tour was provided to see the Christmas decorations at the University of Central Florida, as well as many musical events and children singing and bringing goodies for the residents. Our main idea about having her in Florida is the easy flying conditions from Colorado for my brother and there are more relatives here in Florida than New York . Hopefully she will adjust better the longer she stays here.

Ashley Magill

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback in regards to your experience at our community. We are pleased to hear that your loved is adjusting well. We know it can be challenging to make a transition so please let our Executive Director or Resident Care Director know how we may support your mother in this transition.

Size of the community.

The reason that my family chose “Savannah Court” is because of the size of the community. It’s not a huge factory. The buildings are only one story and they are nice and small so I don’t have to worry about my aunt having to go down long halls or up and down stairs. There aren’t a large number of residences in the buildings which makes it less crowded than most places. Our aunt says that she enjoys the food. She appears to be happy so far.

From the Community

Savannah Court and Cottage of Oviedo consists of two assisted living communities and one memory care residence nestled on a beautiful campus setting. Each community is the ideal size offering an intimate atmosphere yet is full of vibrant activity. Both Savannah Courts provide affordable assisted living while Savannah Cottage provides affordable memory care in a secure setting for those who need additional support.
The communities are each designed with private or semi-private suite options and many living areas for the residents to enjoy. The vast activities program in both the Courts and the Cottage is truly unparalleled! From creative and fun exercise classes, to arts and crafts sessions, to in-house musical performances and educational seminars, there is so much to choose from.
Because each of the three communities is smaller in size than many, we have the privilege and opportunity of offering our residents personalized services. The caring and well-trained staff is accessible 24-hours a day. Savannah Court and Cottage is respected for the exceptional hospitality we offer to not only the residents but also to family members and guests.
You are always welcome at Savannah Court and Cottage of Oviedo!