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Customer Reviews

I don't worry about my mother being alone on the weekends now.

I'm so glad I found Prosper Home Care. We needed weekend daytime care for my mother, and I am so pleased with the quality of caretakers Prosper Home Care has provided.

We started with 2 ladies on the weekend, but have settled on just one. She is caring, smart, capable, on-time and just a very nice person. I liked her immediately when I met her - most important, my mother just loves her. The other caretaker was extremely nice, too.

We started with 24 hour weekend care, but my mother didn't want that, and Prosper Home Care was very accommodating with the change. All in all, they provide a great service to families in need of care for their loved ones.

Prosper's communication with me & my mother has been great!

Having switched from another home care company for my mother, I am very, very happy with Prosper! The big, big difference has been the ease of communication since they have a staff member dedicated for client relations.

Excellent service

Out of all the home care agencies we tries for my Dad I think we were most impressed with Prosper Home Care. They always conducted themselves professionally. The administrative staff were responsive and easy to work with, and the caregivers they sent were all friendly and reliable. We were pleased with the service overall.

Great service!

We had a great experience with Prosper Home Care overall! We worked with two different caregivers from this service, and they were incredibly caring, kind, and professional! We had no complaints at all, and never ran into any issues with scheduling or lateness.
We only used the service for a short time, but the owner, Dara McMillan, has kept in touch with us and has been a great help!

Doing well so far!

We've had a great experience with Prosper so far! All of the staff I've spoken with have been very friendly, and the girl they've sent out has been getting along great with my parents. We haven't run into any issues andI can't really think of any particular ways they could improve!

We used them for home care ...

We used them for home care on the weekends. We had the same caregiver every weekend come to our home and she was excellent. Very friendly, caring and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them.

Really nice and helpful.......

Really nice and helpful.... not sure yet what we will do but certainly felt good after my conversation with Dara... at this time we are leaning towards a facility ...

Sensitive to My Needs

They're a very good company. The caregivers, there was one I didn't deal with that much but there were two of them that came. The older one knew exactly what she was doing. She was really good. The younger one was a little inexperienced. She was okay. What the offer is a little different from what my dad required but I was fine with the service. My dad was really not able to do much for himself. His insulin has to be measured all the time. My sister, as a nurse, deals with that. As far as bating and toileting - they're helping with that and it's been good. Everybody was very nice. They were really sensitive to my needs. I was very happy with that.

Great Company

(Activities Not Rated) Everyone on the staff has been terrific from the top to the bottom. They really worked hard to make certain things available for us. They were able to sympathize with what we needed. We did have some issues with scheduling but that was worked out. Everything else is just perfect.

My mom received care from AmeriCare H...

My mom received care from AmeriCare Home Care for one month

From the Provider

At Prosper Home Care, we provide trusted non-medical home care services. We provide our clients with caregivers who are Certified Nursing Assistants. These caregivers fulfill many types of daily living activities, while promoting safety, health and independence. These activities include: “companion care needs”, which would include walks, meal preparation, conversation, light housekeeping, transportation, and medication reminders to “personal care needs” such as bathing, dressing, hygiene and toileting.

Prosper Home Care is a fully licensed, bonded and insured Company. Our caregivers must comply with some of the highest level of screening requirements in the industry. We not only offer highly qualified and trusted caregivers, but we provide quality companionship for your loved ones. In order to ensure that my client is satisfied, I offer my clients a choice of a Certified Nursing Assistants based on their needs and personality. And, I will happily change the caregiver upon the client’s request. I want to assure you that your journey with Prosper Home Care will be one of trust and quality.