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Total Fail

I hired them to make sure my mother takes her medicine on time. She had not taken it for two weeks and ended up in dangerous situations. I paid them up front, so far they have missed 3 of her appointments in just 3 days. I have to call constantly. This is what I paid them for. Also, my mom had an accident 3 days ago on the carpet. They told my mom they would get it taken care of when it is normally taken care of by building maintenance. She assumed he was going to let maintenance know her carpet needed to be cleaned, but he didn't. Due to miscommunications and a broken promise, my 81 year old mother is now spending her 3rd day in unsanitary conditions. Please don't use this place if you care about your mom.

Son of client

Horrible company. For God's sake, call someone else.
not only did they not follow their contractual obligations on a daily basis they ran an hour and 45 minutes to 3 hours late on a regular basis and left my 82 year old mother at dialysis with an average of an allen 45 minutes to 2 hours late at that point. They never did dinner meal prep I always had to come home to feed my mother because she never had proper nutrition during the day. My mother's Dialysis group would call me all the time to tell me how concerned they were for my mother's well being.

We have a meeting on Tuesday to get the scheduling started for January. Very excited to get this in place!

Do not use this agency

I hired A Hand to Hold to stay with my mother round-the-clock for a few days while she recovered from a fall and needed extra help. Most of the caregivers were fine, but one fell asleep and did not even awake when her replacement arrived in the morning causing my mother to have to get up to answer the door. When I complained, they told me they would give me a reimbursement for that shift, but I only finally received reimbursement after several follow-up calls and finally submitting a dispute through my credit card. I would not recommend this agency.

Over and above care for her, and me.

A Hand to Hold was always a welcome hand around the house. Each person that came cared about and for my wife. They also would stay busy and do a wash, fold clothes, clean a little, put dishes away from the dishwasher, etc.
It was a pleasure to come back home and find things done, as well as my wife cared for.

Wonderful. [Removed] is the best


I had such high hopes for a Hand To Hold and unfortunately, I was very disappointed.
[Removed], did try. The same problem kept happening. I had specifically told them upfront that I wanted someone with Alzheimer experience and THE SAME PERSON EVERY TIME. It was a back and forth of communication issues and they kept trying to send someone different. The girls at the front desk, the caregiver and whom ever else was in charge of customer service and scheduling were not delivering. There was also a"deposit of $ 300 that I was never informed about. The "assessment, I thought would be to assess my husband, the person in need. However they just asked me some ?'s and mainly told me about all their policies. Never even laid eyes on [Removed].
They only lasted a few short months and I have gone to using individuals, recommended by friends. A LOT better than both agencies I used. Visiting angels was the other. They were way better than a Hand to Hold.

Good service

This service helped my mother with personal hygiene light cleaning and laundry. The service was very easy to setup. The only reason I give a four and a half star rating is there is a four hour minimum but there was not enough to keep the caregiver busy for that long.

We Have a Wonderful Caregiver

I love the caregiver we have and she is an angel. It has been going well. She is lovely and I am grateful for her. She's been fantastic. I trusted her to take my mother to the DMV and they did what they needed to do.

Comfort for mom at home.

I like the care that we have received. The staff was able to get us, someone, to come to the home and assist with personal needs. The staff was able to find us, caretaker, to come to our home and help with some of the household responsibilities that were needed. We would recommend the service and the caretakers that we have had for good care in the home.

My mom's care was very good

The care givers with A Hand to Hold were so very kind to my mother and they took very good care of her at home. They were caring, courteous and I would recommend them to others who are looking for in-home care for their loved ones.

Satisfied With This Home Care

I'am no longer receiving services from this home care agency. Overall I was very pleased with the services they provided me with. My care giver was great. She showed up on time, and was very helpful with everything. I'am doing a lot better since I received services from this agency. This a great home care agency, and I have already recommended it to my friends.

While out of town, I engaged A Hand To Hold for my mother. She is ninety-seven, has a relatively sharp mind, but is unable to walk alone to the dining room in the assisted living community which she lives and refuses to use a walker or wheelchair.
The agency was prompt and on time for the period I was gone, two weeks. Each night the caregiver reached out to me in my travels to let me know what services had been provided while I was gone, placing my mother on the phone to speak as well which I had requested.
The best news of all was my mother didn't complain about the care when I returned and said how pleasant the caregivers were that attended to her needs. For her to be so positive was an indication of the professionalism delivered.

Nice To Have A Companion

The agency is very good at keeping appointments. So far they have never had to cancel on me or reschedule my times. They have worked with me with the days and times I've needed. They have kept a constant caregiver coming out which provides my mom stability. The caregiver is professional and very kind. We couldn't be happier with the service.

Not a bad agency

The caregivers that come out to the house are on time and very nice. They help my mother in law with a few personal needs. They made setting up the service easy and listened when I explained what we were looking for in a caregiver. I like this home care agency.

Did not work out!

I did not have a good experience with this staff. The first working to come in did not do a very good job. We had to let this company go because it just was a good fit for my husband and I.

Very misleading.

The woman [Removed] I spoke with was very helpful when I called. She quoted me a price to care for both my parents, verified it with me in an e-mail and over the phone again. We had a meeting and assessment with the nurse and were given paperwork with the price also on it. A couple hours later, we got a phone call from [Removed] who said the price was incorrect and he didn't believe [Removed] would have given me this price and they could not do for this price. I believe they intentionally misled us and figured once we spent all that time with them we would hire them anyway even though the price was considerably more. I would definitely not recommend them.


I was disappointed with our experiences with this home care agency. They were not able to provide us with the care giver that fit my mother needs. One of the main factors mother needed help with, was meals. The care givers they would send out wouldn't know how to make american food, or didn't know how to cook at all. They need to hire your care giver based on the needs of your loved one. It was a disappointing experience.

Good Experience

I appreciated the experienced people who cared for my father. They were all knowledgeable and easy to work with during a difficult time.

Good Home Care

I'am pleased with the services I'am receiving from this home care agency. My care giver is very kind and helpful. She helps with cleaning, cooking, and some personal care. Everything has worked out great.

Filled in On A Short Notice

We used this home care agency for a short time, but everything went well. They were quick to respond to me when I needed some help on a short notice. The care givers would make sure she was safe at night, and help with some light personal care. It was a nice experience, and I would use this home care agency again. It worked out well and I recommend this home care agency.

There is always a bump in the road!!!

I would have to say that about 90 percent of the time things are well. There has been a high turnover with the caregivers. Mom currently has a caregiver that she likes and that helps her as needed. Setting up the service was easy. I also wanted to thank A Place for Mom for making my search easier.

I haven't been overly impressed.

They have sent a few girls, most of them have been fine, and I like them, but we are having a hard time getting a commitment to get a steady caregiver. Their response has been minimal. Their paperwork doesn't seem to be complete. I haven't been overly impressed so far.

Administrative staff was very professional!!!

We used this service for a short time but unfortunately we had to discontinue this service. The issues were with some of the caregivers. They were all nice, however one of them did not show up one evening and we were not notified. One caregiver was asleep on the couch when mom's primary caregiver came by so when my mom called for assistance they did not respond.

They are not capable of handling Alzheimers patients and requested that we give her a sedative before returning. We watched on a camera in her bedroom and she only asked them to leave and that she didnt need their help. It is common for them to still want to be independent. They don't understand what is happening.
We dont want our Mom to be a zombie and have an increase risk of falls by taking a pill so they will have an easier time. Alzheimers patients are not easy to deal with when the caregiver changes but I expect that an experienced medical personnel should be able to deal with them.

They did a good job.

They did a good job. We were happy with the service.

everything is going great since LivHOME have come in and start helping out my mom. It's taking a time to adjust with someone new coming in and helping out, but I know it will take some time and thats okay. The people that have come in and helped have been very nice and responsive. They have answered every call and every text so I would say their responsive time is very good. I would say that the agency is very good at listening and finding a caregiver that fits your needs.

Outstanding. Quick to respond. Absolutely accurate in delivering what they promised and the individual working with us has been a self-starter with a lot of initiative.

Try someon else

I chose livhome for short-term care because they seemed reputable. I knew there was a 4-hour minimum which we couldn't use but we were willing to pay that for the the two critical hours we needed. We chose the minimum required time--4 days at $300+ payable in advance. I had specified that beyond transportation our major need was cooking and was assured that was within their parameters.

The first person they sent was surly, did not introduce herself, and flat out refused to cook.

The second person was charming and went out of her way to find things that seemed needed done. But she failed to show up on the next scheduled day, causing me major anxiety and causing my husband to miss an important appointment of his own.

At this writing I have been assured that our last 2 contracted days will result in a person actually appearing.

fortunately, i have found another company with a 2-hour minimum that I will use after this.

Communication could be better

This has been a great experience so far. LivHOME is the first agency we have worked with so I don't really have anything to compare it to. They have been very thorough and extremely responsive although communication has been the only draw back. The caregiver often comes on days that they're not needed. Other than that it seems to be working out okay.

Highly Recommended

They were great! My husband and I had two different caregivers and they were both awesome. I am not using them at this time since I am now receiving benefits from the VA. If I had to use them again I most definitely would!

Wanted a little more of a personal touch and consistent staff

They had some exceptional workers. Some not so good. I haven't really had my choice of people. The CNA's did show up when they were supposed to. I haven't really used any other agency, so I guess you can say they are mediocre. I wanted to have the same workers each day and that didn't happen. It was a difficult emotional situation for me, but I wanted someone to sit with my sister while I couldn't be there. Unfortunately, my sister passed away but I appreciated what they did for us and that they were reliable.

it was great

My experience with LivHOME Atlanta was great. We are not using them any more because mom had a fall and she is now in rehab, but during the time that we used them we were very well pleased. Mom had an excellent caregiver who truly cared and understood and tended to all of moms needs. I would certainly recommend them.

Liv-Home was used only a couple of times. Do not think I could give a complete reference. The dealings I had with the two sitters I used went well.

Great homecare service!

LivHome has done an excellent job so far, we're very happy with them! Not only do they provide for all of Mom's care needs, they also make sure that she is happy and compatible with the caregivers that they send. I would definitely recommend the service to others!

May 22 Drew Petty - acc...

May 22 Drew Petty - account manager He called Sandy to offer assistance. [removed] I liked him. Care Manager (RN) comes to Pat's home to meet with Pat, Alan, Sandy to evaluate her needs - set up person to help Pat. No charge for assessment. Can request a FREE conference call before assessment visit. Talk with RN to find out what they can do for Pat - fees, etc.

So far it's been very positive, everyone has been very easy to work with.

So far it's been very positive, everyone has been very easy to work with. Everything has been great, we haven't actually started using them yet, but they have been working with us to get things set up.

10 for value & 10 for care services!

I had not heard of LivHome Atlanta or had any experience with them before I called. They were available, which was a primary factor in choosing them. The value was the health care provider that was sent went over the top in the care she gave. She gave me back my mother. My mom was relaxed, comfortable, and happy. She even laughed again, which I hadn't heard in a long time. We've had a great experience with LivHome, all because of the kindness, compassion, and care their care giver provided.

From the Provider

A Hand to Hold is the nation’s leading provider of Atlanta Home Care. We enable thousands of seniors to live in their homes they have worked hard to earn over their lifetime. All caregivers are qualified, trusted, and supervised by a Care Manager. Each Caregiver attends the A Hand to Hold University which trains them with assisting seniors throughout the aging process. We give you peace of mind your loved one is safe and secure living in their household.
Whether your senior needs Alzheimer Care, Caregiving, Care Management, Companionship, Disability Care at Home, and a caregiver from a Distance. We will give your senior the care they need to maintain their lifestyle in their homes.