Presidio Gate Apartments - San Francisco, CA

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Customer Reviews

Disappearing amenities.

Our current administrator is ruining our building. This wonderful historic building looks more like a a penal institution every day. Furniture, decorations, decor, plants, outside tables with umbrellas and our barbecue set up all gone. Our craft room, sun porch, some designated meeting areas for residents, some exercise equipment all taken from us. Rather than designating a peace or serenity space for all religious affiliations, our Christian chapel has been made a storage space. It has been raining and blowing for several days. On Saturday my outdoot pot with a small tree I use for Christmas blew over. I tried to right it Sunday evening. It was too heavy. I had appointments Monday. I needed help to set up the tree but could not ask for help from any PGA employee because whenever we ask for help now ( even an emergency ) we are told, "This is an Independent living facility, we can not help". When I returned home shortly after 5PM my tree was gone. Our weather has never been this stormy for such a protacted period of time since my arrival in 2010. Our administrator has told other residents he wishes to get rid of all plants in pots. I only have a suspicion at this time. This tree is no more of a safety hazard than some of our planted plants. I will retract this scenario if I discover my thoughts are incorrect. Our budget has a line item for tenant use furniture yet this administrator plans on removing much more furniture without resident input. HUD guidelines for good management stress the importance of resident involvement in decision making. Maybe this will happen again when current management is gone. Our $54,000 van mostly sits in the driveway. On the positive side, after almost two years we have a services coordinator who works especially well with our large Mandarin speaking population.