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Mistreated Soul

I would NOT recommend that you take your love one to another facility. There are some good Staffers but not enough to risk your love one life and wellbeing. My mom was at your facility from Thursday to Sunday. So for 4 days, she had different combination of support for the Staff, I was not happy due to nobody follow-up with us on her admission, person to contact for emerging issues and care management. In addition, I witness one of Staff on Saturday morning marching with altitude and giving my mom meds without saying what they are and if she truly needs it (refers to pain). I stop her and simple mention to first tell her with your giving her and ask if she want it. She in turn roll her eyes and march out with an even bigger attitude. Then, I approach her outside the room to speak with her on it and she was discussing me to another staffer, I simply said, it her right if she want to take the pain. Sunday, I was not happy to learn from Staff at 5pm that my mom was severely dehydrated and high temp, my sister and brother both visit earlier, why anybody mention it to them. I was not impress, if issues came up they told to call admission, which was not open until Monday, well we never made it to Monday. Yes, it true that there are not enough Staffers for each person.


The directors in this facility are horrible. They do not follow up on the care and concerns presented to them. Their failures to follow up, address concerns and properly train their staff detrimentally affects their patients. I witnessed failures to follow basic hygenic practices with cleaning commodes, failure to obtain doctors orders for certain items and a lack of providing basic care for its patients—bathing, toileting, potable water for drinking, addressing medical issues. Avoid!!

Trilogy Health Services

Local Representative

Resident care is our number one priority. If you would like to discuss further, please contact our campus and ask to speak to our Executive Director. You may also contact our Compliance Hotline at [removed] (Extension 2800) or [removed].

A very good place, very caring people.

Highly Recommend

This facility has a rare option for memory care; a Saturday or Sunday daycare! They also have an activity director on those days to guide clients to crafts, music or other planned events that day.
The facility is new and although you can easily see across the separate eating and creative spaces; there is a nice separation to corral clients.
They treated my very active mom well, and the nurse were sure to give her meds on-time. This gave me an afternoon off; I had full confidence in their care.
I’ve been 24/7 caregiver to my mom and needed a day off sometimes. Highly recommend.
I utilized this facility for daycare on a weekend; she did not live here full time.

Beautiful facility food is better than most however, staff is not trained in memory care at least not to the highest level from [dates removed] they had 10 residents fall and 2 with fractures and 1 resident died. Lot of things are not seen from the surface beware the staff act nice but they are anything but nice.

Trilogy Health Services

Local Representative

Thanks for your review. Resident care is our number one priority. If you would like to discuss further, please contact our campus and ask to speak to our Executive Director. You may also contact our Compliance Hotline at [removed] (Extension 2800) or [removed].

Review of Orchard Grove Health Campus

This is a very good facility with excellent staff. They all make residents and their families feel like a family.

Review of Orchard Grove Health Campus

This is a well managed facility. Residents are safe, secure and comfortable + they are able to enjoy many activities, and quite a few includes the family. Super staff is pretty much on the top of every thing! On some occasions there could be better communication for the residents and care givers.

Review of Orchard Grove Health Campus

In a nice rural setting this facility is wonderful one-stop shopping for elder care. Rehab, memory care, long term care and assisted living- it offers the great opportunity to live out one’s remaining years in one location with a fabulous staff, excellent care, and comfortable accommodations. Bright, smiling faces a bound!

Review of Orchard Grove Health Campus

The people are great. It’s clean. The food is semi good, a lot of selections, but the menu doesn’t change very often. The care is awesome here, the people are nice and do a good job.

Review Orchard Grove

Personalize service, good on one on one service. Very caring to their residents.

Beautiful facility

Beautiful facility however, staff are not trained in the memory care unit and there is no supervision of staff in that building. Staff mock, insult and exclude residents they don't like in front of residents and the head. Nurse [name removed] does nothing to improve matters. Exceot state wecanthabenad press and will do anything to cover anything and everything up.

visited, nice facility still too expensive but closer to budget

My experience

I would say the food at this community is a ten. They offer a menu as well as daily options. The community is kept clean. They offer daily activities. The caregivers try to take good care of the residents, however they do not seem to have enough staff to give a lot of personalized care. They do not offer alarms in the chairs of the memory care residents in case they get up without anyone in the room with them. Overall it is a good community.

Wonderful place for my Mom

So far the Orchard grove appears to be a great place. We moved Mom in last week and she seems to be adapting very well. Food is great, room is clean and spacious. Lots of things to do and keep busy. The employees are very helpful and very kind.