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From the Office

Options For Senior America Corp. started providing home care services in late 1989 to the residents of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. What started as a handful of customers grew substantially due to the personal customer service that the company's management has always been keen to provide.

Today, OPTIONS, a non-medical home care organization, has several offices in the states of Georgia, Maryland, Ohio and Virginia, serves hundreds of families a year, and can extend its long-term live-in services to any region on the East Coast of the United States.

We are constantly screening candidates for care provider recruitment. We believe that it is essential to keep a readily available pool of good caregivers to choose from. Each and every applicant for a Home Health Aide position at OPTIONS undergoes a thorough screening process before they are added to our roster. We first conduct a face-to-face interview of each applicant by a senior staff member. During the interview, we determine the applicant's qualifications, assess their talents, and evaluate their interpersonal attributes and special skills. A competence test determines their level of knowledge, and a minimum of two relevant references must be thoroughly checked. All of these elements of the screening process must be satisfied before we add applicants to our roster. Finally, we conduct a criminal background check on each applicant before we consider them ready for client assignments.

Customer Reviews

Great caregiver!

The home care that my mother received was great! She really enjoyed working with caregiver. She was very helpful and gave my mother the care that she needed. Hopefully we will get to use the service again.

How The Week Went

We used Options For Senior America for a week. We had a good experience with the caregiver they sent to my home.

Caveat Emptor

Within a few months of starting, I reported a large amount of some missing change. (A large plastic water-cooler full of coins - no pennies. Too heavy for me to lift, several hundred dollars minimum, probably $1,000) I still haven't heard back, months later, as to how or whether they ask the caregivers if they noticed anything strange. (I couldn't [Removed] anyone, as there had been 4 different caregivers in the house at the time we noticed the missing money.)

In addition, there were two no-shows, and no explanation. I assumed after the first one, they would be hyper-vigilant. I was wrong. When I called the second time, to find out if anyone was coming, they got their wires crossed again and sent two, forcing the one with a car to leave our home at 11:00 at night.

While we have one excellent caregiver, with this company I'd say conduct your own background check ON EACH ONE and get a security system in place.

More options and availability

A Place For Mom gave us several names of home care agencies. We called a few and decided to go with Options because they gave us more options and because of their availability. The care provider [Removed] whom they assigned to care for my father is great.


We were referred to Options by A Place For Mom. They gave us several names of agencies and we contacted them. What made us finally choose Options is because of their efficiencies. They are excellent on all counts.


Everyone we have talked to and interacted with has demonstrated compassion for their clients and the clients' families. Their quality assurance visits are beneficial and the overall quality of their homecare services is excellent.

Good Home Care for My Mother

This is a good home care agency. The help they are providing us with has been great. I'am very pleased with all they have done for us. [Removed] from a place for mom was great for referring this agency, and she has been very helpful through this whole process.

Going good!

The staff has been doing fine as far as I can tell. She has not been back to the hospital since she has had these services with her. It makes a difference to have the extra help for her.

The Care is Going Good

It is good so far with the caregiver's assistance. The caregiver is on time and my mom is very happy with that person. They do light housework, laundry, help with her exercises and prepares two meals that is a combination of the caregiver and mom's planning. I did a lot of research and the emails back and forth were good. When I met them in person they were pleasant and helpful, that is why I picked them.

Always responsive!

Options is always responsive to our needs and they strive hard to meet responsibilities. Their quality assurance visits are beneficial and their care providers [Removed]. is good and [Removed] [Removed] is excellent.

They were extremely helpful and reliable.

They were extremely helpful and reliable. I would give them a good score. We didn't have any problems or complaints with the service.

Overall excellent service

Despite some difficulties in weekend scheduling, the performance of the caregivers, Missy and Sarah as well as the responsiveness of the office staff after hours and the overall quality of the services were excellent.

Relaible and communicative.

What I like the most about Options is that they are reliable and communicative. Both caregivers Una and Mary are excellent service providers.

Good Service

Love the the coverage, there was a mismatch with the nighttime care, but it was sorted out and they were very apologetic and fixed the issue.

A nice home care agency!

The caregiver that comes in 2 days a week for a few hours to keep my husband company is very nice. We will be going out of town for a little bit but we will be using this service again when we return.

Mona is great!

Mona (the caregiver), is great! Thank you Options!


The caregivers that came out were friendly and reliable. They did just what was expected and more. They were very competent. The office staff was very courteous and they helped us come up with a solution for what we needed.

Ramzi Rihani

Local Representative

Thank you so much for using Options home care services and sharing your positive feedback. It is such feedback that keeps us trying to continuously improve our service to the community.
Options Management team

They did a fine job and showed up on time.

They did a fine job and showed up on time. They were just a little more expensive than what I was able to budget for.

Ramzi Rihani

Local Representative

Thank you for using Options home care services and sharing your positive feedback. We are always conscious about our rates and continuously strive to contain any increase generated by regulations and increased cost of operations.
Options Management team.

very freindly very helpful and responsive, was just not a good fit for what my Dad needed

Great service

We're very pleased with how things went with Options for Senior America! They were easy to work with, and the aides were friendly and reliable. I am completely satisfied with the service!

My mother was very pleased.

They were there for two weeks straight, and my mother was very pleased. The young woman that came in was very good, she was attentive and helpful. We never had any attendance issues. We had a consistent caregiver, which was important for us. I chose them because they called me almost immediately, they responded right away, and were very responsive to any of my questions, and phone calls. There was always time to speak with me, and address any of my concerns or questions.

Just the right care!

Have had this service for 6 months and we were never disappointed. Both aides are gems and we are lucky to have them care for my father.

Working out so far

She helps him, she feeds him, if I don't get him to bed she does and gives him his medications and she encourages him to get up and stuff like that.
I was just calling around and Options called me a couple of times and when I decided I needed somebody I called Options. They responded quickly and actually came out to meet with me and then they brought the care taker out so I could meet her before she came in. We had to chage shifts a few times to what I thought would work best as far as being at work and stuff but they worked with me and we got it worked out.

Very responsive staff

I am the exectuive assitant for the patients husband, I hear his feedback and I talk to the caregiver on the phone so i have limited knowledge. I have heard good feedback, the only challenge would be the caregivers english, that's a challenge, but that's also something they can get past because they've worked with the same person before. When I called her very last minute to see if she could come in earlier on a Saturday, she immedeatly answered her phone, she said yes and she followed through. That was really gracious of her to come so last minute. I've talked to the options lady, Kaileen and dealt with her all along and then primarily Connie and she is great, super professional, responsive and friendly.