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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Wish we would have placed Mom elsewhere.

My mother moved to Olympic Place 3 1/2 years ago and seems fairly happy there. However, since she has dementia, the rates have increased substantially, which is understandable. A few months ago, we were told she needed more care, and that her rent would go up by $1000 per month. I was sent 4 e-mails in 3 days, insisting I sign her care agreement right away, so they could start charging more. (Many things wrong on it, so they had to be corrected first.) It wasn't until months later that I found out she was being billed $1700 extra instead. (We have an auto pay set up, and have NEVER gotten statements.) They then said she needed more care than expected. Then a few weeks ago, we were told she would need to be moved again, (the 3rd apt for her!) and it would be completely set up during lunch. When I questioned their ability to get it done in time, the manager assured me that it would be completely done, with her pictures hung, etc. Well, didn't happen. When Mom arrived after lunch at her "new" apartment, there were boxes everywhere and no pictures hung, and Mom wouldn't allow them to finish. Because of her dementia, she now thinks she is moving out, and repacks every day. My brother and I just spent a week with her (we both live in Arizona) and spent much of our time unpacking her each day. We also unpacked the original boxes still sitting there for weeks, and found food, dirty clothes, and even toilet paper that she thought she was out of. We were also told her rent would go DOWN by $600, because the apt. was smaller, which didn't happen! They now say she needs more care because of her confusion about moving, which would most likely NOT have happened if they had totally unpacked her as they had said they would do. The staff there is directly responsible for my mother's added confusion about the move, and we now are being charged for their incompetence! Sure doesn't seem fair to me.
The food is pretty bad, as many others have stated. Also, not enough kitchen help, which my very sweet and easy going mother even complains about. I once asked for a sandwich to be sent up to Mom because she was sick. It took over an hour to arrive and was so dried out it was inedible.
The wing she is now in (for people who need extra help) smelled like urine every time we walked down the hall, and her apt. smelled so bad we thought a previous tenant's cat must have urinated in the closet! The place is NOT clean when it smells like that! In her last apt, I begged several times for them to move her couch and clean behind it. Never happened.
The communication with management has been almost nonexistent, with me seldom getting replies to my e-mails. They have promised to try to do better.
If I had it to do over, we never would have put Mom there, but after paying a very large non-refundable deposit, and knowing it would upset Mom more to move, we are stuck with them. I will be taking my complaints as high up in management as I can go. We feel that we have been lied to about pricing, among many other things.

Bonaventure Senior Living

Local Representative

Dear Cheri, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We want your mom to enjoy all aspects of living at our beautiful Olympic Place community and we will continue to strive to improve in every area. As a company we believe it is very important to have clear care agreements, superior cleaning services and offer all of our amazing residents exceptional dining experiences. I would be grateful if you would please send me more details on your experiences as this will help us to improve: GAshby (at) livebsl.com. Thank you in advance and looking forward!

We Just Moved In

We have enjoyed the staff and other residents who are all friendly. The staff are helpful when needed. The community is kept clean at all times. We get 2 meals a day and it is good but not fine dining. I have played cards and we are soon to try exercises. I was lead to believe they would have a minister come weekly but that is not all true.

Dishonest about financing!

They give you a rent price and increase by 850.00 for level 1. Then they say oh there is also a 450.00 charge per month additional for extra food on top of the 850.00. That was never discussed or mentioned until we asked to move her to a level 1. Then my mom passed away on the 25th of month and they said we had to pay an additional month after. Where is that in the fine print? This gal in the office is dishonest. We also asked for copies of the contract. We never got them. They will try to scam your loved one for money. Don't be fooled by the beautiful facility in Arlington. It's also called Bonaventure.

Buyer beware

We recently moved my father out of here. As one of the other reviews states, watch out for ALF fees. My father had a medical issue and was needing extra care. In meeting to go over assessment we were mislead on pricing and given what we understood to be a total and it was actually additional on top of rent.
[removed] Housecleaning was almost non existent and my wife and I had to take out garbage multiple times. Dusting not done. At one point, there was urine in wastebasket and was left for two days until we took care of it.
[removed] Also, the new facility we have my father in pointed out that some of what my father was being charged was supposed to have licensed nurse. This was not the case. So definitely stay involved if you want your parent/s here or they may [removed]

Staff Is Great

Unfortunately when my loved ones moved in, the woman who got them in lied to them about a couple of things, so my experience with them was not very good at first with her. She is gone now though, and everyone else on the staff has been really great.

One of my parents has been living here for a short time. The staff has been great, they seem very caring. The building is beautiful inside and out and there are lots of activities for those that chose to participate. The only downfall, and its a big one, is the food. It is not good. My parent wants to move, because he can not stand the food. So if you have a picky eater, make sure you have them check out the food before they move in!

they care

It was clean, friendly, and they care about my loved one – trying to get her to activities. The food is out of a can type food, cafeteria style food. This is the community that my loved one chose though and there are worse communities in the world.

Nice place but watch the extra Assisted Living Fees

We moves mom into Olympic Place a little over a week ago. Things are going pretty good but it is certainly not perfect. Here are my concerns/

I am concerned with the Assisted Living Services fees. They have a scale of 1 to 5 service levels. When we first talked with the folks at Olympic Place, mom was going to be at level 1 (the minimum service level) which was somewhat expensive, but doable. After a couple days, they bumped her up to a level 2 then level 3 which brings the coast from $750 per month to $1600 per month. Which is not acceptable as I don't feel she needs these additional services and she frankly cannot afford it. I am still working with them/doctor/therapists to get her fees back down to a more reasonable level.

Mom has complained that she is seated for meals at a table where no one talks. This might be because, they aren't able to or don't wish to. I don't know. I was original told that the management would try to get her at a table with people with similar interests. This is not happening apparently. I have asked the management to put mom at a table with more "lively" people. She isn't inclined to go to the dining room if the meals are an unpleasant/uncomfortable experience.

They also have a Low Income Credit for folks who earn less than a specific income level. Other place advertise this feature, but I had to pursue this avenue as it was never mentioned until I broached the subject. Make certain you discuss this option.

On the positive side, the place is VERY clean and the folks working there are very kind and helpful. The apartment is small, but very functional. It appears that there are plenty of activities for the resident to enjoy. The hard part in getting a new resident to get involved in the activities. Once the resident has been there for 4 years, they can continue living there even if they run out of funds and uses Medicaid. This was one of the main reasons that I selected Olympic Place. Some of the other facilities would kick her to the curb if she spent down all her assets.

I have taken a very active role in her care and the transition. This is not the sort of place you just move mom in and leave. You need to be very proactive to insure what you originally negotiated is indeed what is being done.

The facilities were very ni...

The facilities were very nice. Clean, clean, clean! The folks we met who lived there seemed very happy and content. The staff we talked with were very helpful and it looks like we will be using this facility.

From the Community

Located in Arlington Washington, Olympic Place Retirement and Assisted Living Community is close to area hospitals, shopping and services. Our beautifully designed community has been serving the seniors of Snohomish County since 2004. Our gracious, home-like environment has an experienced staff. They make Olympic Place a great place to live. Call for your personal tour and reserve your apartment today!

Caring, compassion and dignity are more than just words, they are a way of life at Olympic Place Retirement and Assisted Living Community!