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Customer Reviews

Had a good tour, very nice people, my brother is looking forward to living there. The buildings and property are very clean and well looked after.

The tour guide was pleasant and informative... although it took way too long for an initial tour. One of the hallways smelled of urine. Nice that it's one floor with no elevators to deal with. It felt closer to a nursing home to me. Not a good for my parents

Excellent - Staff and Residents seem happy and engaged in activities. Completely remodeled, bright, fresh and airy. Rooms are reasonably priced and roomy compared to most. Pet Friendly.

Excellent - Staff and Residents seem happy and engaged in activities. Completely remodeled, bright, fresh and airy. Rooms are reasonably priced and roomy compared to most.

Mckinley place is beautiful inside and the staff does well on first impressions. But once you're in there you learn that they are short staffed, don’t have a nurse use all there cooperate people to run the place. Have two great caregivers thankfully that can run the place. Some of the girls act funny on occasion (don’t know if there on drugs) you can hear some girls conversation shouting and yelling to someone on the personal device. Like I said great first impression but once you family member is in there, you will possibly regret that decision.

The Tour

On the tour it seemed a little darker and dreary. However, it had a clean environment and I saw enough staff. The representative did a good job and they were professional and answering my questions I had.

Nice clean facility with a relatively new director and marketing person who spent a long time listening to things about my dad. They have a wonderful set of activities planned for residents which I really liked. Again it doesn't have memory care but uses bracelets to keep track of those with dementia who might be wanderers. They are planning updates to the hallways and common areas and the dining room was filled with lots of natural light.

Best thing to happen to us

We had to find an assisted living home for my grandma and move her within a week. After seeing several other places, McKinley was by far the nicest and cleanest. Everyone at McKinley was wonderful! They met with my grandma to ease her nerves. They coordinated every aspect of her move and were incredibly helpful. I can't thank them enough! My grandma is the happiest and healthiest she's been in years.

There are lost of activities to keep us bust. they take 1 or 2 trips out of McKinley every week. They have a great social hour at 3;00. They have a choir that sings once or twice a month. They also have several outside activities; going to restaurants & scenic trips. They also have some religious services. Our activity directors work so hard for our benefit.

I enjoy living here quiet well. Most of the employees are quite friendly. I enjoy most of the activities. Exercise, BINGO, bowling, and the other activities. My favorite is BINGO

This is a very special place to live. The staff are very caring and make rooms here very pleasant. I couldn't be happier anywhere else!

As a whole I have been very satisfied. I would recommend it

I have met the most interesting people. We have fun activities. My room is very nice and clean. Very caring staff.

Nice place. Good people

My Mom and I visit one of her friends at McKinley Place about every other week and found the staff to be incredibly caring and attentive. They have a lot of activities for her and plenty of outings to go on. I hope my Mom never needs assisted living, but if she does, I will try here first. The place always smells good and the residents are happy!

They Are Very Good

I appreciate all the help I got from A Place For Mom, with out their help I would have not known of an opening here. I like the staff here that are nice and accommodating. I find the community kept clean. My brother has not yet participated in any activities. My family and I have tried the food and think it's pretty good but my brother said it is good but mostly fair. I have recommended this place to someone already and will do so more if people need their service.

Things get handled effectively

We have had a great experience since our mom moved in. The staff has been very understanding of our mom's needs and treat her like their own mom. The management staff are very approachable and take the time to listen when we need to talk. They take our conversation about our mom very seriously and talk about possible resolutions and ways to handle things before the conversation ends. Our mom likes to attend the activities throughout the day. There are so many that there is usually something she likes. Overall, very pleased and would recommend it to anyone that loves their mom.

Very Good Community

This is really a good community and it was the right fit for my mother. Everything is working out well for her and the staff has been very helpful for helping her adjust. They were very welcoming and accommodating to us. She participates in a few activities through out the week. She isn't crazy about the food. This is a nice community and I would recommend it.


I visited here on a regular basis my dear friend who has since passed away. Never once did I see bathroom clean, and kitchen floor area was filthy. I would give it a quick wipe with paper towel, and it was alway black after I wiped, gross! Also heard from family in December 2015, my friends wedding set had disappeared and when brought to managements attention, he said, well we'll have to check the drain trap, then never did. Now I see how many things were stolen from many residents [removed], it was on the news. Other families with items missing were told by management, "well we have a lot of residents with dementia, they take things." NO, not a acceptable answer!! This is awful, awful.

BEWARE, and if you put a loved one in this facility, keep your eyes open, and don't expect any help from the head guy, everyone has said the same thing, [removed]!

One good thing I will mention, nurse Cathy is awesome!

Still settling.

McKinley Place is quite wonderful for Mom and much better than the place she was prior. She is still settling in but seems to be much happier at McKinley Place. It was a bit bumpy in the very beginning with the light fixture in the shower not being covered and the pipe in the bathroom broken. I feel like these things could have been fixed prior to Mom moving in, but they fixed it right away upon my request. Mom enjoys some of the food there but likes having the option of eating in her room and making some of her own meals. It is comforting knowing she still has the independence as well as the assistance. All in all we are happy with the McKinley Place and would recommend.

Arrests at McKinley Place Cedarburg


Click on Milwaukee Journal article about McKinley place to see what really goes on there.
Also check Fox News 6 for amazing tv news video about what goes on there.

Three people arrested for stealing, med errors all the time, directed makes excuses foe everything.

No showers, no cleaning apartment, no clean sheets etc. etc.

McKinley Place Cedarburg- Don't go there!

The only promise that McKinley Place fulfilled to our loved one who moved in there, was to send a bill! For the first 4 weeks bed sheets were not cleaned( I put something in them to mark them). One shower was given in the first week she lived there and never again. Apartment was supposed to be cleaned every week, cleaned for the first time after we gave our 30 day notice. She cut her wander bracelet off and they promised to replace it, never did and was told they have no intention of doing in. Lots of meds errors and I was scolded for finding them and handing a note to a care giver about them. There was no manager or RN there at the time and I wanted things fixed before the next dose. Med errors still continued. Administration does want to hear anything. Went to a residents meeting and lots of complaints about theft. Administor said the residents have dementia and wander into each other's apartment and pick things up. None of the residents bought that! There was also a lot of complaining about dirty dishes and table clothes. Laundry was mixed up 3 times with other residents clothes and Admin said that NEVER happens. Clothes are returned 2 sizes smaller so you may want to take your loved one clothes home and wash them or you will be replacing them with new ones.

Enlivant Representative

Local Representative

Thank you for your review. We are investigating the matter and are taking action to address your concerns. Management will be in touch with you directly to discuss further.

Home away from home.

Just moved mom into McKinley Place this weekend. Our family is extremely pleased with the facility, cleanliness and personnel. I like the fact that it is a smaller community and has a really homey atmosphere. There are a lot of activities to keep mom busy and the activity coordinator really goes out of his way to get people to mingle and feel at home. Mom seems to be adjusting extremely well.

Very Helpful

The person that helped us was very helpful and even came out to our house to see what my mom was used to and her surroundings. She went out of her way to make the stay as comfortable as possible for my mother.

I toured here, and this was one of our top two choices.

I toured here, and this was one of our top two choices. My mom used to know someone that lived here when it was Cedar Gardens. We liked it a lot, but our other top choice, had a few details that pushed it over the edge as a better personality match.

terrible place!

McKinley Place has been absolutely the worse place I have ever dealt with. I thoroughly researched the place beforehand and thought everything was good.

Then after my brother and sister were there for a couple of days, they were told to leave. Even though they are licensed as memory care providers, they do not do it. They want to pick and choose who lives there, and opt for the ones that do not require any care.

To make matters worse, they were supposed to refund our money within thirty days. it has been well over thirty days and we have not seen a penny.

Very Pleasant for my Mom

The McKinley Place is very pleasant for my mother-in-law. They are wonderful on their cleaning, the staff are very friendly, though the jury is still out on the food and dining. The McKinley Place has lots of activities and outings like shopping. Mom can go on if she like, she is pretty self sufficient and does not need much care. The apartment she lives in is nice with a cathedral ceiling, and the price was the most reasonable.

Keep details of what you've paid

I'm currently trying to get the bill straightened out. It was not correct last month, as we were being billed for level of care services that were already paid for with our first check. After talking to someone at McKinley place last month about it, the most current bill still reflects the charges that were already paid for.

good overall experience

They are supposed to be doing moms laundry, and my sisters go there during the week and it is never done, so they have to take it home and do it themselves. I am also not sure if mom is getting the bathing that she is supposed to get. So there are a couple of areas there where I feel they could improve, but overall we are very happy and it has been a good experience with McKinley Place.

good, but could be better

They could use more help. For example, around meal time, they need more so people don't have to wait as long. They've changed their top two people, so going through some changes there. Pretty clean but could do a little better for what you pay.

My sister dropped in and no...

My sister dropped in and noticed an odor; it was her understanding that it was aligned with Cedar Springs which we are not satisfied with.

From the Community

A great place to call home! At Enlivant, we honor the commitments we make to our residents and their families. Our goal is to enhance our resident’s quality of life by providing a warm, caring environment that fosters independence, dignity and choice of each resident.

Our residents are often seen relaxing by the fireplace or enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the courtyard with their neighbors. Each resident is encouraged to maintain their independence and we honor their personal choices.

Residents enjoy private, locking apartments that allow them to decorate just the way they want, with their own personal belongings. Residents and families are involved in making the decisions that affect their lives.

At our residence you’ll find a high level of service with a personal caring touch. We invite you to come join us for a personal visit and experience the care and service we provide.