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Customer Reviews

Not recommended

Rooms are small. Nursing aids are slow in responses of patient needs. Very understaffed on weekends with no apparent persons of supervision available on weekends and holidays. Patient doors are often closed by aids and blinds closed so patients will sleep all day on weekends. Therapy personnel appear to be caring and steadfast. Nursing staff is poor and rude ...standing in hallways and observing visitors . It seems as though there are no basic rules or management oversight.. I would not recommend this facility.

Experience at the terrible facility

The Laurels is not a place you want you loved in. Staff is not attentive. They don’t seem to care at all. Falls are not reported even though techs helped patient back to bed. Staff does not follow protocols for cleanness and linens not changed after soiled. Call button calls for help are ignored and the staff seems to not communicate with each other. Questions to nursing staff are always answered with I don’t know, I wasn’t here earlier. Never, I will find out and let you know. Requests to have the nursing director, [name removed] to return a call are ignored. Staff is lazy , they sit down and ignore the call buttons although they are at a desk to observe that. Most of the nurses just don’t care as well as the techs. They act like a question is a burden. Food is so so and they frequently mix up trays and give the wrong food to patients on special diets. DONT GO HERE. Even with a meeting with staff, care did not improve. Communication is terrible. Other roommates of my loved one also had the same issues and met with staff about problems with no better care. Several patients left because of terrible care and staff. Staff just blames other staff and pass it off. Management does not care so don’t bother going here. It all starts at the top and when the managers don’t care or direct the staff, then the staff don’t do their job. Common sense is not followed here. Don’t waste your time at this facility.

Don’t go here.

This is not a good place. Aides are not attentive and it’s not unusual for them to take 15 minutes or longer to respond to a patient’s call button. The Laurels has no internal standard about how long it should take to get a response. Nurses and therapists don’t agree on what is best for the patient. A nurse brought the wrong medication to my family member/patient. Rooms are very small and shared. No private rooms. Patient and family are not kept informed of patient’s progress unless repeated, explicit questions are asked. A nurse walked in on my patient in the bathroom, washed something up in the sink, left the room and left the door open. Kitchen workers can’t fulfill a patient’s meal request accurately, even with multiple reminders.