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this concerns my rent that went up more then I think it Hoping they can get ths fixed.

Like living here. My concern is my rent, which I have never complained about lived here for 10 years. So our ssi. checks went up 20 dollars knew our rent would also. but this time mine was raised more then usual. found out my neighbors get more on their checks then I do.but their rent only went up 7 dollars . there is a mistake some where. not the first time this manager had made mistakes. looking at the other reviews to which I agree with. Hope she gets this figured out.Rent had never went up the same as our ssi. checks. They recently remolded the apts.. but they said rent would not go up goes according to Hud guide lines. Thank you... :)


I lived at kearney plaza for 7 looonnggg years...maintenance sucks. Nothing gets done...unless its inspection time...then they run around superficially "fixing" things so that they dont lose their sec 8 status. The manager is hardly ever in the office...and when she is she doesnt give a damn. She looses paperwork constantly, calls you into the office multiple times to do paperwork you have already done...they have homeless people in the laundry room...stealing residents clothing.....mold in almost all the apartments...i could go on and on...but too many issues to list. Dont move there

maitenance and manager issues

when you have issues with problems in your apartment due to maintenance they do not respond. it takes up to a week or more before they even attempt to do anything , also the manager never returns back your messages about concerns or questions you may have. I have made various attempts to go to the to see if manager is there to talk to her and the majority of the time the office is closed.

parking a part owner truck in a parking space.

Hello to all, I share a truck with my son here at kearney plaza , commerce city, my name is on the registration and title along with my sons. The manager here said I can not park it in a parking space,. we both drive it, Manager is saying as long as he is driving it that I cant park it in a parking place here which I thot each resident has. she is accusing him of living here. I promised her He is not, that I do not lie.He sometimes parks his Rv across the street from kearney plaza which she has no jurisdiction over. He visits me during the day, sleeps in his rv,which is not here every day he moves it like every 3 days think the manager is taking a special pic out on me, I'm trying the best i can to go by the rules ....thank you .... kathy Harris building 3,apt. 305 kearney Plaza apt, Commerce city.