Jacobs Ladder - Grand Blanc, MI

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Customer Reviews

You get what you pay for everyone--Cheap is not better.

Strange place. Owner does not want too many family members to visit --it ruffles her feathers too much. Not a good fit for my father, especially since the staff did not follow their own MAR to which my mother and brother told them of a certain amount of a prescription drug. They gave my father 10 pills more. All the pill cases we took home had the incorrect amount in them! ( He was only there for 9 days) It nearly killed him, and they said he had a stroke. He looked like it, they said he couldn't feed himself anymore. He couldn't even hold his head up. They also did not call my mother when they thought my dad had a stroke the day before we carried him the hell out of that place. Good place to have someone die quickly. BTW he is feeding himself once again, and is getting the correct amount of his prescriptions AT HOME. His family is visiting him AT WILL and he is doing 100% better.

Professionals in the time of need

Dad was 95 years old when he entered Jacobs Ladder . He received the the best of care including feeding and cleanliness. Christen and Vickie were especially helpful in showing respect and love to Dad ,Their communication was very professional to Dad and the family up to the end .We will miss him but are very glad to have chosen Jacobs ladder to care for dad ., At 95 all his children to old to care for him at home and we are very glad to have picked Jacobs ladder to care for Dad.

Didn't Look Kept Up

My friend's mom is there so I went by to see it but it did not look kept up at all so I wouldn't even consider that for my mom.