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Above and beyond expectations!

Integrity Senior Care-An Excellent Elderly Caregiving Service

Integrity Senior Care is an outstanding caregiver. It's professionals are excellent in caring for my elderly mother. They are reliable and kind and attentive to the needs of my mother. In addition, Integrity Senior Care has worked hard to accommodate us whenever there are changes in scheduling.

We are currently with integrity senior care [removed] in San Antonio Texas . They are very reliable , punctual, and very professional. Excellent service. Ask for [Removed]. 5 star rating!

[Removed] is very good efficient, keeps you informed ahead of time of changes in plans and does a thorough job as administrator. Very trustworthy and patient and honest. She is a keeper if you are lucky"

Highly recommend

They are great! They really care and are very reliable and easy to communicate with, which is key, since I'm out of town from my Dad. I highly recommend this company

Pamela Lott

Local Representative

Thank you for the review. Integrity Senior Care, LLC

The help we needed...

We have the same consistent caregiver coming to my mother's home. She helps her with showers and sometimes she will change the bed lining if we leave it out. It has been helpful to have her around for the showers.

Pamela Lott

Local Representative

Thank you for your review and for choosing Integrity Senior Care.

Wonderful Caregivers!!

My loved one was receiving some help from the caregivers at Integrity Senior Care. From what she mentioned they were nice and helped with any services she needed assistance with. They were on time and they were attentive. I would definitely recommend the help from the caregivers in the community.

Pamela Lott

Local Representative

Thank you!

Super Professional and Caring

After a few unpleasant experiences, I think that this is what senior care should be like. I don't think I would have found this agency and its wonderful employee without the help of A Place for Mom.

Very Pleased With This Home Care

This home has really helped us out a lot. Everything is working out very well. The care givers are wonderful. They are very helpful and they follow all my instructions in my husbands care. They have really taken a lot of stress off of me. This agency has been great to work with. We are very pleased. This is a home care agency I would recommend.

Integrity Senior Care is exceptional. The caregiver I was assigned to watch over my husband with Alzheimer's quickly connected with him and treats him like a valued family member. This is a great relief to know that he is safe and secure when I can't be at home.
I do have a few other comments. They advertised as 24/7, and the caregiver is only available during certain hours. We have adjusted to this, but it was stressful having to deal with one more thing. Also, A Place for Mom said that their hourly rate was $16 per hour, but they are actually charging $19 per hour. It should be made known that rates are dependent on the patient's condition. There is not one set rate for all patients. While this may seem like common sense, those of us new to this kind of health care can be taken by surprise by some of the details.
Thank you so much for your service.

Integrity was great!

I'm from Seattle, and had to make a quick decision when I realized that my mom needed in-home care in San Antonio. After interviewing several companies, both my mom and I were most impressed with Integrity, and we were not disappointed after hiring them. Mom was very nervous about how this would work, but her nurses quickly became friends as well very competent care givers. Thank you so much for helping us through a difficult time!

Perfect Score

Congratulations on your "Perfect" State Survey, although I am not surprised with your passion and dedication to clients. Your loving ministry to the elderly is such an inspiration to me. May the Lord continue to bless all of you at Integrity Senior Care for the compassionate care you provide. Leonarda T.

Quick service

I needed someone quickly to help me with my Father a couple hours per day three times a week, they responded quickly and they had someone there the next day

All I Can Say Is Thank You

All I can say is Amen!!!!!. God sent them to me in my desperate time off need. I work 12 to 20 hours in a day. I had been sick for a month and couldn't go any more. I am the only one taking care of mom and no facility is even 50% of what we as the care givers expect. Pamela and her staff jumped right in the next day I called and I took a week off from work and had no worries. They followed instructions and they performed as if it was their own family member. Thank you Estella and Mary.

Friendly and do a good job!

They are very friendly and do a really good job. They are always on time and have a very good reporting system in between shifts. My mother seems to be very happy here.

Very friendly staff

The service has been good so far. The girl we normally have, Margaret, is very friendly and gets along well with my loved one. She's very prompt and always on time, but if she does have to miss they always have a replacement arranged. The owner, Pamela, is very nice, and she is always available and responsive when you call.

Great Caregiver

This is the first time I had to do this since I've never had elderly parents before, but I would recommend them. The care is excellent. Mostly what they do is personal care, and my dad is just letting her shave him and he has never let anyone do that. She also cleans for them, which is good, because they have a lot of stuff and it is a mess!


They were fairly friendly and I would say the cost is fair. Ther wasn't much care to do except sitting so overall it was half good, half fair. I think everyone is going to have to develop thier own opinion on a case by case basis. They just really didn't meet all of my needs. There have been some time issues with caregivers showing up late or in some instances, too early. I think the senior community was a better situation for my parents.