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Not a very good experience at all

My experience with Homewatch-Westlake is a mixed experience.
It was good that someone was around to help my brother-in-law but due to the relationship that developed between my brother-in-law and the home health aid, and the fact that his bill for the in-home service increased to 5 days a week not 2 to 3 days as originally set up by us. We were flooded when we received the statement from them for their services.
We are the POA for my brother-in-law and we should have been informed of the increase in care before it happened.
The relationship that developed with care giver was a real concern to us and we felt it had to be stopped.
We have talked with the director and the head of nursing about the relationship and they have addressed the issue with the care giver and we have in fact stopped using their service.
My brother-in-law was lead to believe that Medicare was paying for everything so we insisted that they take their statement to him directly and explain to him that he is responsible for the whole balance. It was an eye opener for my brother-in-law when he had to pay the full amount.
We would consider using Homewatch-Westlake again only if they would honor the fact that we are the POA in control of my brother-in-law's total care.
They did take my brother-in-law to his doctor appointments but the care giver did not clean nor do any of the shopping, which did cause a lot of problems as well.
I would most likely not use Homewatch-Westlake again as they did not honor the fact that we were the POA for my brother-in-law