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Customer Reviews

One of Seattle’s best

Most of my interactions with Home Care Assistance has been with [Removed] she has been caring compassionate and highly professional. She paid close attention to client needs and made sure the caregiver she matched to the client matched those needs. Great co great employees highly recommend.

Sweet caregiver but not a good fit

I was having a surgery and I needed an in-home caregiver for 24 hours to assist my husband. The man they sent showed up a day early and he even parked in my garage which I thought was a little presumptuous of him. He came back the next day and he was very sweet and compassionate. The caregiver was unfortunately, not feeling physically well and was not in a good condition to take care of my Husband. Instead of getting the rest I needed from my surgery, I had to take care of two grown men. The man did sleep in our house and by the time he got up I had already showered and clothed my loved one. Then, he decided to ask me for a cup of coffee. At that point, I asked him to leave. The agency was not a good fit for us and I would not recommend them to other families.

Quality Care

Home Care Assistance Does a very good job of providing quality care. They have sent me out a caregiver who gives me the piece of mind that my husband is safe and well cared for when I leave our house.The caregiver also gets along with my little dog and that is important too! The caregiver jumps in and does things that need to be done. She did the dishes, vacuumed, and even did the laundry. She helped me put away the groceries before I finished unloading all of them.I live pretty far out and it is easy to miss our house, so I give a little leeway on being right on time the first time. I am going to have her come on an every other week basis to give me a break for some me time so I can take better care of my husband who has Alzheimer's. Yes, I really like the care they provided from Home Care Assistance.

My mother has late stage Alzheimer’s disease and for the past three years had been a resident at a local assisted living care facility. About a year ago, her behavior turned violent, and she was moved to a locked ward. She had a number of altercations with residents and staff resulting in minor injuries, but earlier this year she significantly injured another resident and we were told to move her out. We moved her to a small group home, but due to her violent behavior, she was asked to leave after five days. As there were no other options available, we brought her into our home. We quickly needed in-home assistance and I recalled having seen the recently opened Home Care Assistance office in Bellevue next to our dry cleaners. The following morning I dropped in without an appointment. Even though their doors had just opened, and thy hadn’t yet unpacked their boxes, [Removed] and her staff immediately went to work finding someone to help us and within a few days we had the assistance we needed. The aid who was assigned to us has done a superb job. She is experienced, skilled, compassionate and quickly learned how to deal with a strong, violent patient. For the first couple of weeks, [Removed] stopped by the house daily to make sure the transition was going smoothly, and even now, after a couple of months, she continues to visit at least every other week. I have found [Removed] and our aid; [Removed], to be truly concerned not only for my mother’s welfare but for the welfare of our entire family. [Removed] schedule has been flexible enough to meet our needs. [Removed] and her staff have been readily available to deal with any questions or concerns. Overall, we have had excellent support during a very difficult time. I thank Home Care Assistance and recommend their services with reservation.

This letter is a recommendation for Home Care Assistance group. My husband has [Removed], diagnosed in 1990, and as of March 2013 we needed more home care than I could give him. He needs help getting in and out of bed, getting to his shower chair (and back out of it), having physical therapy done, getting dressed, getting into his electric wheelchair and being served his meals. We called Home Care Assistance in Phoenix, AZ , where we were when we decided to get some help with his care...When we returned to Seattle, the first of May, we contacted Home Care Assistance in Bellevue and found (much to our delight!) the same great, caring people to work with...Again we met with an interviewer, were assigned a caregiver and are thrilled with her ability to work with my husband. She is sensitive to his needs, does his transfers, does his physical therapy assigned to him, all the needs for the morning. She tidies his areas, changes bedding as needed, does his laundry and whatever else she sees that needs doing. Our fees are paid through our long-term health care insurance. Home Care Assistance has been wonderful in helping us through the hoops of getting the paperwork completed. We are now functioning on a program of the billing being done by HCA and our insurance is paying.

[Removed], thank you so much for the help you gave and the caring you showed for my mother. It was truly exceptional. I never would have guessed that you and the home care service you provide would have had such a large impact in my family’s life. Please give my warmest wishes to everyone in your office for doing an outstanding job. My family recognizes it and my mother especially recognized it. Because of your work, I was able to focus my attention on my mother for the last few months of her life. That’s the biggest gift anyone could give. Thank you again so much!

I am totally impressed with not only the quantity and quality of [our caregiver’s] housekeeping, she is also totally reliable, every day. [Removed] sees a need and she responds immediately. She is equally consistent in reminding me about pills and taking my blood pressure and heart rate every morning and evening. If or when I have need for home care in the future, I would hire her in a heartbeat.

[Removed], thank you so much for your care and consideration attending to my care. Your attention to detail and kindness made my surgery less overwhelming. I hope you have time this Thanksgiving weekend for moments of peace and rest.

‘Acknowledging the good that your life is the foundation for all abundance’ - Eckhardt Tolle. While it sounds cliché, I do believe that I do need to take a sincere moment and say the much overdue ‘Thank You’ for your unflinching support earlier this summer as I learnt to crawl and walk again.

My mom, sister, brother-in-law, my wife and I wish to express that we have appreciated your professionalism, dedication, and personal thoughtfulness which initially we did not anticipate with this type of care giving service. It was a very complicated maze of service and needs diagnosis that you masterfully helped us maneuvered through. Please let us know who we can contact to further express our extreme pleasure with your company.

No Worries At All

It is going much better for my friend since moving into this home. We have to never worry about a caregiver being there. One is always available in the home. They are very professional and they do all that I request and call me back and keep me updated. The meals, activities, and cleanliness has been suitable for me.

In home service with care

We were happy to get in home assistance for our my mother in law, who is wheelchair bound with MS. This service is very convenient and reliable. They sent us a great selection of care takers who were able to assist with personal needs required. They were mostly on time and reliable for what was required. We would easily recommend this service to other families for great care and services.

Ask questions!

When they came out to set up service they said it was no problem and they would take care of us but we have been having a hard time finding a caregiver. The ones they first sent out left the company. The current caregiver is nice and easy going, however we have found they are not very good with cooking and they did not know how to take a blood pressure.

Paul was responsive and provided great information on their services.

Worked well for us

Attention to mom, felt they had their priorities in order, good overall care. Lots of rotation between caregivers for us, a bit frustrating.

We have been with them a long time now.

We have been with them a long time now. They have been helpful and reliable, and they have done a good job. We don't have any issues with people showing up on time or anything else. We have been pleased with their service.

So far they are doing good.

So far they are doing good. It's been working out for us. They have been helpful and reliable.