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Alzheimer’s Cottage Side

We have had my Mom there with Alzheimer’s since 2015. They kept her on the regular side until she fell and broke her hip. They were very accommodating and great there. I have not been overly impressed about the overall care of my Mom since being moved to the cottage. Not sure if they are understaffed or the staff is struggling to deal with chaos in regards to dealing with patients who are memory deprived. I did talk about this and am closely watching to see if the changes that were promised happen. My sister lives in the same town, so she watches closely and shares with me. As guardian, and even more importantly, as a daughter, I am very involved in my mother’s care. Overall, they do a good job if you can afford the cost.

Mom has been here for 8 years and feels safe and cared for by staff.
The director was receptive to my feedback about a recent concern I had and we worked it out to my satisfaction.

Assisted Living: Assistance by the family

Cleanliness: Fair because of some hygiene issues. Handling things without taking off gloves after the bathroom.
Value: Very expensive for inconsistent care
Care Services: Very inconsistent. Some caregivers are excellent, and compassionate. Others are there because it is a job, not nurturing to our elderly. The training and follow through is not what it should be. Shadowing a few hours is not enough.
Communication: This has and is an issue from staff to staff and staff to family.
Activities: The activities are hit and miss. What is on the schedule is not what happens. It just looks good to the public who is reviewing the facility.

Highgate Senior Living-Billings review

This has been a great move for our parents. It is good that Dad can go to the dining room for meals and can interact with lots of different people. Housekeeping takes care of the cleaning, so he can relax. If either of them needs something, there is always someone available. Their doctor comes right here, so they do not have to get out for appointments.
There are many services that come right here for their benefit.
Thank you, Highgate Senior Living-Billings