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We Made The Right Choice with Heartland!


I am finally getting around to writing this review which is overdue!

My mom had a bad fall at the end of January 2019, sustained multiple injuries, and had hip surgery the following day. After several days in the hospital it was clear she would need additional care in a Rehab facility. We did our research and narrowed it down to 3 top choices. After some visits we made our decision for Heartland of Dublin.

Well, we made the right choice! She was transferred to Heartland on a Friday afternoon. The first few nights were rough (there’s usually some bumps in the road when you travel the road of healthcare) so we were nervous at first. Once Mom was settled in and her skilled nursing care and therapy plan of care started, things fell into place and she was very happy there. She received excellent care on the road to her recovery! The skilled nursing staff was thorough, compassionate, competent and reliable. The physical therapy team is unsurpassed! The dietary staff was attentive and proactive~she enjoyed her meals, and her glucose and blood pressure numbers were the best ever! Heartland’s administrative staff was also wonderful, caring and very helpful.

When the time came, it was difficult for Mom to leave Heartland~ everyone became like family! Hugs & tears made way to fond memories.

I know we made the right choice for Mom, and we highly recommend Heartland of Dublin for skilled nursing and rehab!

Would not recommend to anyone. Poor service. Did not help my mother. Unfriendly and uncaring staff. Would find her pill on the floor. Would leave her unattended, in urine soaked diapers resulting with uti and bed sores.
Very low on staff. Would ring for staff they would come and turn off and would not come.
Therapy was not that great.

Worst place evet

This is the worst place ever. Call lights go unanswered. My husband was on tube feed and they would bring him a food tray. Luckily he knew not to eat it but someone who was confused would most likely eat the food. My husband had a couple of drains i. His abdomen with bags (one had a foley bag attached as it drained quite a bit in the beginning while at the hospital). The staff constantly left his urinal in the bathroom even though he was not able to get out of bed. They would tell my husband he did not need the urinal since he had a foley. I do not know who they thought was using the urinals they were emptying. They always had to have his drain bags inside a cloth bag because other people did not want to see his urine. Most of the staff does not understand English and that includes the nurses. This place is all about looks and not worried about caring for the people. The night we arrived, 9 pm, the staff could not figure out how to get his tube feed started so my husband went 12 hours without food or water until the dayside team started and knew how to do his tube feed.

I would never send my worst enemy here for care because care is not in their vocabulary.

Find another facility

The facility staff are subpar, desensitized to humane care and lack professionalism. The adminisistrative leadership is a joke, avoids taking phone calls or addressing issues directly. Most aides do not speak or acknowledge comprehending the English language. Call lights are on up and down the halls, staff on their cell phones or invisible. Phone calls to main facility number go unanswered up to 11 times in a normal business day. Food is disgusting. Medical needs are over looked, or under reported.

Do not take your loved one to this facility. A new company has recently purchased the business, hope something changes.

Heartland of Dublin - Exceeds Expectations!!

After spending nearly 10 years working in healthcare, I am not someone who is quick to write a review on any healthcare facility. I have found that many nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and home health companies are quite the same - average at best with overworked, frustrated employees who lack personal connections to the patients. So when looking for a place for my 43 year old brother with a traumatic brain injury, my standards were extremely high. Heartland of Dublin not only met my standards but EXCEEDED them in many areas!
First and foremost I must applaud their therapy team. Whether your needs are short-term, long-term, rehabilitative, or continuous maintenance, this therapy team is absolutely exceptional! My brother has suffered with his brain injury for nearly 17 years and he has NEVER complimented any therapist or facility he participated in rehab at ... until Heartland of Dublin! Not only did he actually ENJOY working with the therapists but he made more progress in 6 weeks with them than he had ever done since his accident. He went from being 90% assist to 25% assist. He also learned to transfer himself from his wheelchair into the car, bed, and shower. Finally, I was able to take him places and share experiences with him as a result of their extremely hard work and care! My brother now continues to do therapy exercises independently because they showed him how capable he is of being mobile. This team is a blessing!
I also need to bring attention to a specific nurse who I feel goes above and beyond the call of duty and is compassionate, personable, and extremely patient. Heath, who works in the long-term care wing, has demonstrated exemplary care of brother and myself on numerous different occasions. Knowing that I work full-time, Heath has picked up little things, like cough drops, for my brother so I would not have to make an extra trip on a busy night. I have never asked him to do this. He chooses to do this to make my brother happy and give me some extra time to relax after work. He has contacted me anytime there was a change to my brother's medication and/or condition and always has his medication and other needs prepared for me when I take him for an extended period of time. Again, he does all of this without me asking. Heath's patience with my brother is remarkable! Having a brain injury, my brother gets frustrated easily and is not used to long-term stays in a facility. Heath allows my brother to express his anger without making him feel belittled or disobedient and then he does whatever he possibly can to calm my brother and make him feel more comfortable regardless of the amount of time this requires. I can't help but smile when I come to Heartland and see Heath - he's truly a one in a million nurse!
Finally, the administrative staff is very easy to work with and efficient. They respond to my calls and questions within minutes to hours of my calls and have assisted me with every special request my brother has made to help make him feel more at home. [Removed] in Admissions has taken a personal interest in my brother and will visit him just to discuss sports or other interests they share. Whenever I call with a question or concern, [Removed] is quick to find the answer or the person who can answer me immediately. He has gone out of his way to contact me, even after his normal work hours, to assist me in things that help [Removed] feel more independent and happy at the facility.
I have read some of the negative reviews on this page and what people don't realize is that their family member is not the only family member being cared for. Mistakes will be made and not all requests will go perfectly or smoothly every time at the snap of a finger. Sometimes you will have to call more than once or remind someone of something which is common for ANY facility but looking at the quality of care and the personal attention paid to each and every patient, you will be extremely hard-pressed to find any place that is as wonderful as the Heartland of Dublin!


We have a family member there and they have received the worst care. They can't get out of bed on their own or walk, are paralyzed and barely have the use of 1 hand, they are put in bed early and are not gotten up until anywhere from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00p.m. the next day. Their diaper is only changed when they get them up and put them to bed, not at all during the day unless a major accident. They bring the food in, drop the tray off and do not open any cartons just drop and leave. Their clothes which are labeled with their name are constantly lost and many days have to go in the hospital gown because no clothes are available. I wouldn't recommend this place to an animal. The staff is rude and never can get their procedures correct or the same 2 times in a row. This place definitely needs some new management that will do something about complaints and not just say "oh I know, we will handle it" but never seem to.

Terrible experience for my mother- aides were not attentive and were rude. She could not get out of bed on her own and was rarely taken to the bathroom after pushing call button numerous times. Might come in a couple of hours later if she was lucky. On a positive note the therapy staff was good. Food was awful.

Awful Experience

Avoid Staying at Heartland of Dublin. I didn't get the Physical Therapy treatment during my stay that I was told that I would receive before leaving the hospital. The food was absolutely awful. Even their coffee was bad. If I ever need rehabilitation services again I will never go back to Heartland of Dublin.

Heartland of Dublin - what a blessing!

Heartland of Dublin has been a Godsend for our family! We have tried for years to find a good home for my brother who suffered a major stroke and needed much care. Finally we found Heartland and couldn't be more pleased! The administration and staff were so kind and helpful, making the process very pleasant and easy for our family. My brother is very happy and satisfied with the care he gets there. I haven't seen him this happy in a very long time. Our family couldn't be more pleased with the choice we made! It is a very clean, caring and top notch facility! We would highly recommend it to anyone needing a rehabilitation place or long term facility for themselves or a loved one!

Helpful and Caring

My mom was recently at Heartland of Dublin and we are so pleased with the staff and care she received. I will admit we were so worried about her going to a nursing home but now we can honestly say she would probably not be with us with out the nurses that cared for her. Every day wasn't perfect, but they took care of mom and they listened to her needs. The therapists really pushed her and we were greatful for the day of rest! I will say that this experience is different from the hospital and we weren't told that when the doctor said she needed rehab, but the nurse from Heartland came to meet us at the hospital and prepared us or at least tried to prepare us for what to expect. Once mom admitted the team at Dublin requested a meeting to review mom's plan-- after that meeting we were comfortable with how they care for mom and what her plan was to go home. If you need rehab for your loved one give them consideration. You will be impressed!


My name is [Removed]. My mother is a patient in the facility. I would like to express my thanks to the nurses, doctors, aids, social workers, physical therapists, and everyone else who has made my mother's stay at Heartland wonderful. I would like to give special thanks to [Removed] for the first day for welcoming us and thank [Removed] for putting all the effort for nutrition for my mother. Since my mother does not speak English, they beyond their duties to help her. Every time there was a problem with communication, they contacted me immediately. When I took my mother to the facility, the she could not take even one step. The improvement was amazing when I took her home today. Also, now I am myself a physical therapy patient at the facility. They do a wonderful job working with me. I would recommend Heartland to anyone. Again, thank you for helping my mother heal.

Avoid Heartland Dublin

This is a dangerous place. All the reviews are consistent with our experience. Avoid this rehab.

Leaving after 6 hours

Terrible experience......they need good nurses and aides. The people their are lazy and no motivated.



Horrible experience

My dad was put in Heartland of Dublin for physical, occupational, and speech therapy. I WOULD NEVER AGAIN ALLOW ANYONE I LOVE STEP FOOT INTO THIS PLACE. Yes, it is gorgeous. The whole place is dirty as far as the rooms go. I had to ask multiple times, more than i can count to get his bathroom clean. There was [removed] all over the floor and just overall filthy. The first whole week he was there he never once received the meds he was suppose too and it took Dublin Methodist to call them TWICE in order to get his meds. Then not only that, my grandmother had a conference call with them about the medications he was receiving and how much. Come to find out they lied about a medication he WASNT on but was supposed to be taking and that made him end up back in the hospital!!! We have a recording of the conference call thank god. Another problem we had was the roommate situation. My dad was pretty with it and needed rest for recovery. They roomed him with someone who had a trachea... not an issue with the man, he seemed very friendly. But, they would come suction the mans trachea EVERY HOUR. Therefore my dad was not getting any rest that he needed. There were plenty of rooms open. When my grandmother called the manager she was EXTREMELY RUDE. Told us that it wasn't her problem. To tack on to all the problem thus far, one day his bed had no sheets, NOTHING ON IT. Called me (I live a good 20 minutes) just to help him make his bed because they WOULDN'T. Now, my dad also has a "High Fall Risk" band on and they would let him check himself out... He was never supposed to be able to do that.

Overall, multiple problems and never again will I ever put anyone I love here or anyone I know and neither should you. They have many lawsuits coming their way.


If you love your loved one do not place them in this place. My daughter was in this place for about a month or more with bone and breast cancer. On 04/13/16 she was very bad and under hospice care and on 04/14/16 she passed away . They do not have enough people employed here to care for their patients. They only receive there a shower twice a week sometimes they get them at 10: o'clock at night. My daughter's room was cleaned once while she was in there and we had to ask 3 times to get it cleaned. One morning her room was only 62 degrees because someone shut of her heat early evening. My daughter passed in horrible pain because there was not enough help to give her scheduled morphine. 3 weeks before the state was in there 2 different weeks and that should have told us something then.

a horrible place

My sister has been in this facility for nearly one month. She had a hip replacement replaced and I feel she will never survive her stay at this place. I live in Florida and whenever I call her she is crying because she has been waiting over an hour for help to go to the bathroom or waiting for pain medication. She says the food is horrible and the staff must all go on breaks at the same time because she gets no assistance for anything. She says most of the staff are rude and lazy. If they are not there to help people why are they there? She says if she was able to walk out she would. The staff refused to give her the name of someone in management that she could complain to. Don't put your loved one in this place.

Poor Service

The only benefit of this facility is exceptional pt. Do not let nice furniture and fixtures in the lobby fool you. The staff are lazy and do not care. The nurses do not give meds on time and will tell you they do not have to until they are ready. Does no good to go to upper management. Find some where else for your loved one.

My mother has settled into the Heartland pretty well.

My mother has settled into the Heartland of Dublin pretty well. We like the cleanliness of the community. The friendliness of the staff and the residents is good. I feel that the value is pretty good. I like the care that is being provided for my mother. She does not participate in the activities so I can't really comment on them.