Gratitude House - West Palm Beach, FL

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Customer Reviews

If ur homeless, this is the place for u

I was in attendance here for four months; it was court-ordered, I would've never gone here by choice. The place is a glorified homeless shelter. The only reason people don't leave is because they have nowhere else to go. Good classes & activities. An overall great learning experience. The best part: 5 star food, very good, tasty and fattening but always with healthy choices. Comfortable and clean. Some very caring and qualified staff, some inappropriate and unprofessional. There seemed to be an overall energy of tension & unhappiness within the staff. At times humiliating to be treated like a child, but better than jail. It was nice to be able to go outside every day. My therapist was qualified but cold. Big turnover rate. The whole thing reminded me of college dorm living but with low-life addicts & just low class people in general. Couldn't wait to get home.