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Customer Reviews

Insensitive, unbusiness-lke Client-Relations!

Corporate Offices
Administration: I spoke t rep. ( after some days delay)* and understood that the suggested dates this month-end were acceptable and scheduled. I made follow up voice-mail messages afterwards; and no prompt response. Finally, today, I heard from [name removed] whose message was changed to the dates that I chose were " booked!" And, so, I wanted to cancel those dates and any date, April mentioned and closed off. [name removed] the staff did not even identify me properly/ and I would appreciate your NOT CALLING me or addressing me as " MRS" at any time! This is more than a backward scenario of insensitive business/customer relations! [name, address, telephone removed]

Lola Rain

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Your feedback is important to us. We’d like to hear more in order to help us improve our processes. Please call our Admissions Supervisor Sherry Rodriguez at [removed]. Also, please note that being admitted to one of our care centers is based on availability. It is very important that we work directly with discharge planners and patient's doctors to verify we can provide the care required. Each situation is unique and we are here to help the best we can.

Hidden costs

My parents bought a unit in [Removed] for $165000 and last parent passed away in [Removed]. Unit sold in [Removed] for $80000 with $72000 coming to heirs. Eskaton charged $49000 in fees to vacant unit and deducted from sale of unit. A $165000 investment returned $22000 after 18 years. My conclusions: eskaton is not very popular if unit price has gone down so much, value for investment and money is poor, and eskaton will continue to charge fees if you are alive, dead, or anywhere in between. I am disappointed in eskaton, but not surprised.

Wonderful Place to Live

Gee, why'd I give an overall 4 stars when the individual categories got 5 reason, it's quite pricey. That said, it is well worth it if you can afford it. The food is outstanding. The assistance with driving to dr. appointments, shopping, etc. is great. My mom takes brain gym and an iPad class. Bingo, bridge, movies. Trips to San Francisco via ferry and local casinos. Holy communion. Exercise classes, movies, special events, parties, celebrations, housekeeping. One other demerit for closing the pool for the second summer in a row for repairs. If I had enough money I'd live there too!

Fantastic Care!

My mom was in here for skilled nursing. The care was fantastic! I loved a lot about them. Their food was good. Their service was good. They did make a couple of mistakes but that happens. They were great. If my mom ever had to have skilled nursing again I would want her to go back there.

Great indpendent living, not so great dependent living

Independent living is a 5, assisted living was a 2. The apartment was so tiny for assisted living that she was unhappy there, but this was a huge place with lots of independent living. All of my moms friends live there, but the assisted living is not very good for a couple of reasons. Mains reasons are the rooms, they're very small, very inflexible staff for the most part. you couldn't shower when you wanted to shower, they're very demanding, she felt pretty demeaned. I think mostly the facility (for assisted living) was pretty depressing to her because it was so small and their communication wasn't too good. If you left the assisted living part fo it you had to check in and check out, you were always trying to chase them down and nobody knew what was going on or where anyone was. It's also an older facility and needs to be upgraded.