Edgewood Senior Living Sartell - Sartell, MN

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Customer Reviews

It is very nice staff checks in alot to be sure everyone is ok. Food very good fresh not frozen. The rooms are a very nice size.

I have a family member living here. I find that when I call to talk to someone it takes several call until someone finally answers the phone. I don't find most of the staff to be over friendly especially the nurse, that always seems to be being bothered when you have questions. They have a very hard time keeping employees, It would be nice to see faces that are there long term. Maybe give them better pay and they would maybe stay longer. My mother has had clothes missing. they say they clean the rooms once a week but I have to tell them to dust and vacuum my mothers room.

Buyer beware

Buyer beware. They give mixed messages and move quickly to push paperwork in front of you to sign. Told me we'd get our $1000 deposit back if we didn't come. I was told I needed to pay that in order to get the RN to do an assessment on them. Without even knowing I was signing papers that committed us to an apartment before I even knew if they would accept them both due to the memory issues they both have. I told them memory care was not an option because we didn't want to seperate them after 53 yes of marriage. Now we're being told sorry but no. They just made an easy $1000 off my parents by there misrepresentation.
I never even had the eval and parents never even looked at facility but the money is gone. I worry others may be taken advantage of without clearly understanding what's going on. $1000 is a lot of money for them to lose. I hope they do the right thing and return the money.

Good fit for Dad

It's very comfortable and I like the fact that they take them on outings here. Dad is happy here he has a 1 bedroom apartment that overlooks a pond with a beaver mound so he loves that being a hunter and fisherman. They will clean 1x a week and will do 2 loads of clothes a week. There was a little bit of a miscommunication in the beginning, we had given them the date to move in and we got there and it wasn't ready. He has PT and OT coming in and a male helper to help him bathe. Dad loves the food he asked them if they ever cooked eggs and bacon and they didn't but they are very accommodating and they know serve that. The staff is great. They try to engage him to join the daily activities. He loves to visit with friends when eating meals. I would recommend this community.

A little disappointing with some things

After my loved one moved here we have had some glitches. This location is probably a good place and my loved one is not exactly adjusting well. I would have to say that I am slightly disappointed in the communication. We would communicate with them and it seems it’s difficult to get any sort of feedback from them. We were not told certain information before signing my loved one to the property. We have found out only after that the community has a geriatric doctor that comes in once a month to look at the residents. I don’t know if that’s normal information that they should give out. There was also an instance where we were supposed to meet with a nurse but he/she was busy with someone else at the time. It’s possible that they have the information and we didn’t get it, but it is still rather disappointing to me. We should not be pulling for details and they should be more proactive. They’re supposedly professionals and we are not. It ensures success if you were to be more personable with your clients and more communicative. When we’re there and we talk to people it seems like they’re caring and they do a good job with people, but what happens when we leave? There’s so much that they can do to make their people feel more welcomes and at home. There are things that I would rate highly on and other things not so much so.

It was a nice facility with exceptional people on staff, however the apartment was very small and I think it would be too expensive for our mother.

My Father loves the staff

I really love the staff at this facility. My Father really likes the staff and he seems to be really happy here. The nurses are wonderful to him and they’re taking very good care of him. The staff is very attentive when it comes to my dad needing a ride to his doctor appointments. Also, the nurses from the facility stay on top of his plan of care. The grounds are impeccable and clean. Everything is always clean, the rooms, the hallways, everything. You can tell when they clean because it always smells amazing. Nothing is ever dirty. They clean my Father’s room once a week and also do his laundry once a week. His room doesn’t have a kitchen but it does have a fairly large bathroom. The facility serves 3 meals a day and my dad absolutely loves the food. They actually have very large portions and sometimes that’s a good thing. I only have 2 small complaints about the whole community. One of them is their billing system. Shortly after he got there, I received a small $160 bill. When I called to inquire about it they said I shouldn’t have gotten it. Their billing system is just a little confusing. The other problem is they don’t have any locks on the room doors. There was one guy that kept walking into my dad’s room and using his bathroom and trying on his shirts. The nurses did come in a get him but I feel like they should keep tabs on the residents a little more. I would recommend this community.


Items of clothing and personal items have gone missing but they don't seem interested in finding out what happened to these things. If I am concerned about this, why don't they do something about it? They have PLENTY of time to investigate and if it is an employee, fire them for theft! It must be hard to find workers in this field because i'm told this is a problem everywhere. It seems like they are congressmen, let them steal and don't do anything about it and don't get rid of them. Can you tell this bothers me?

Laundry at Edgewood in Sartell

Edgewood, in Sartell, seems to have a problem keeping guests laundry items together. They also like to do laundry too often. My brother doesn't do anything strenuous but they insist on doing his bedding and clothing every week. He wears different clothing daily so nothing gets dirty enough to need to be washed every week - often twice a week. It's wearing out his clothing faster than he could wearing them.

Edgewood is doing remodeling at this time so things are a bit of a mess. The staff appears to be all female. The aids that help the guests are friendly and appear to be very good with the guests. There does seem to be an issue with requests from the family being followed. My family member (guest) is not always properly dressed and ready when I request to pick them up. Also, I don't think watching TV is a good activity to keep their memory active.