Eagle Pointe Place - Dubuque, IA

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Terrible food

This is regarding my mother's lunch today. She wasn't feeling well and was being seen by her doctor at his office. The staff was kind enough to bring her lunch to her apartment. She was given herb pork loin, sauteed spinach & mushrooms, baked sweet potato, sherbert and beverage. She doesn't like spinach or sweet potatoes (she doesn't like alot of veggies). So the only thing that she would eat is the pork loin. She had1 piece of meat that measured 2x2 1/2 inches and weighed 0.8 ounces. She was not given any bread, salad or fruit if it was available. The meal was disgusting. Even if she liked the sweet potato it only weighed 4oz and spinach was 2 oz. This is a meal for someone that is in their 90's?

Notes on my mom's new residence

The food pleases my mom and the friendly resident. The staff are patient with the residents. There is a problem with mom's apartment not getting cleaned routinely. She can't operate the window cooler heater well. No thermostat to keep rooms at right temperature. There have been mistakes with billing and also the van forgot about my mom and left her waiting for hours in downtown Dubuque.

Very nice and cheery atmosphere

I took a tour of this facility and it was very nice. It had an overall cheery atmosphere. I liked that there were chairs in the hallways, so if someone needed to stop and catch their breath while walking they could. There were a couple of staff members that I interacted with that I really liked and the salespeople that I dealt with were very nice. The food was okay and the overall facility was very clean.

Too Big for Us

We took a tour at Eagle Pointe Place, and while we thought that the community itself was nice, and that the staff was friendly, it was just too big for my loved one. I did not think that such a large place would be a good fit for us.

I Feel Comfy Here

I am happy being here. The staff are friendly and fine. The food is as expected and fine to me. I am an active person away from the community and I do play some cards and go to religious services. I picked this community because the apartment was the right size, the location was convenient, and the ambiance was very comfortable. Everybody says it is very nice here.

I like this community.

Mom has only lived here for a short time and things are so far so good. The only issue I have noticed so far is the lack of communication between staff members. She likes the activities and has started to participate in some of them. She is making friends. She likes the food and they keep the community clean. I would recommend this community.

My parents home

My parents are very happy in this community. The staff is really attentive. I am happy that the community is clean for them to live in. They like the meals that are served. They are active in activities. We would recommend this community to other families for good care.

My great home

I am very happy living here. The staff is outstanding and always wanting to know how things are for me. I really like the size of the community and the layout of everyrthing. This has a great care for the value. I like participating with other residents. The staff go out of there way to remember everyone's name. I really like the food and it is very health. This have a great pool for therapy. I would highly recommend this community to families.

Not very impressed with this location!!

I did not have a good first impression of this community, when I first arrived for my tour I had noticed there was a huge table in the front of the lobby that was very old and looked like it was falling apart. I would think they would want something nice and well put together to represent the rest of the facility. The entire building needed lot of updating and new furniture.

A great place for Arlene Osthoff

My mother has been there for two weeks and really likes it. Friday afternoons the Happy hour she really likes. The only thing I saw when I moved her in was a spot on the carpet but I used some spot remover and got it cleaned up. They also had to get a new refrigerator because the one in her room didn't close. The people are really friendly, they say hi to you in the hallways. I am glad I found this place for my mother until a later time when she may have to go into a nursing home because of onset of dementia. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a place which is safe and friendly for their loved ones.

Not Many Accomendations

My tour of this community was decent. It is a nice community, from what I saw everything seemed to be well maintained. They don't offer many accommodations. The staff was kind and friendly. They answered all my questions. It just wasn't the community for my brother. It was a good tour.

Highly recommend!

My parents both moved to Eagle Pointe Place. Things are going good, they are both doing well. The staff are very friendly and nice. My dad always says that everyone is so friendly there. It is a very nice place, I would highly recommend it. The food is good, my dad does complain about some items like pasta, but they do alwayd offer an alternative food option. My mom has Alheimer's so she doesn't participate in much activities. There is a guy who comes in and plays cards with my father and he really enjoys that.

Not good

Nice place building wise workers are lazy. They often catch attitudes even sometimes hear arguing amongst the co-workers. Management is bad there is no nurse at night. So if residents fall it is up to the 2 workers they have at night to care for resident. Very unorganized food you only can choose between fish burgers chicken breast and whatever else they just whip up that you have no choice but to eat. Place needs better management and better workers.

Great facility

This is a great facility. The staff is kind, loving and caring and treats the residents like family. The building has a warm, homey atmosphere and the residents seem to be well adjusted and happy there. Wonderful

It's not his home but it is truly the next best thing!

Warm and welcoming is the best description. Friendly, considerate staff are so helpful when we have questions about Dad's care. The nurses have been wonderful with medication help. With his limited vision issues, the staff is conscientious about telling Dad their name as he learns their voices.

The facilities are gorgeous and Dad raves about their food.
I agree, after eating with him there a few times! Dad hasn't participated in many activities to do vision limitations but in reviewing the schedule, there is a good assortment.

a good experience for us

Eagle Pointe Place was a good experience for us. They do need to better explain the benefits at the beginning. When we checked in they talked about the monitor that patient wears around their neck and gave us a number to call for this service. Well, when I called that number the lady had no idea what I was talking about. Most everything else was really good here.

We loved Eagle Pointe.

We loved Eagle Pointe. They have meals, and we knew immediately this is where we wanted to go. So far everything has worked out well. I haven't had any major complaints. It's a really nice place, and the people are friendly. We are really, really happy with it.

Review of Eagle Pointe Place - Dubuque, IA

I am well satisfied.

Review of Eagle Point Place in Dubuque, IA

Don't have to worry about anything. All my heat and electric are paid for. I give it a 5 1/2 star. I wouldn't be here for over 8 years if I wasn't this happy.

Review of Eagle Point Place in Dubuque, IA

Service is good. Food is good. Staff is extra good to us. Really happy.

Review of Eagle Point Place in Dubuque, IA

Everyone is nice, kids are happy we are here. Everything is a home run. The food is wonderful and so many choices. We are so glad we made the choice to come here.

Review of Eagle Point Place in Dubuque, IA

I like it real well, everything is so nice. Do my laundry and clean my apartment. My apartment is just the right size for me.

Review of Eagle Point Place in Dubuque, IA

Feel staff is very interested in what we have to say. They fix problems right away. The food is good, good choices.

Review of Eagle Point Place in Dubuque, IA

It's a good place. I tell everyone that I think the food is good, no complaints.

Review of Eagle Point Place in Dubuque, IA

If I could rate a 10 I would. It's just perfect. I don't have to cook or clean anymore. Everyone here is wonderful. My heart is open here.

Review of Eagle Point Place in Dubuque, IA

All staff is real good, food is great. No complaints. Everyone is so nice I wouldn't want to move.

Pleasant friendly place with great home style food

I like that the place is close by me, I'm her son, 30 minutes away. She likes the people who live there. She has made some nice friends, and adjusted very well.

She loves the food; it's not terribly diverse, but it is very home cooking style food.

It is independent living. They do a very light degree of assisted living; for instance, they do housekeeping and laundry for her. They provide transportation anywhere in town on a days' notice; shopping and appointments.

We're very pleased. We were looking for a place with an elegant feel to it, that she was used to in Florida. They do provide that; there is a very homey feel when you walk in the door.

From the Community

A great place to call home! At Enlivant, we honor the commitments we make to our residents and their families. Our goal is to enhance our resident’s quality of life by providing a warm, caring environment that fosters independence, dignity and choice of each resident.

Our residents are often seen relaxing by the fireplace or enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the courtyard with their neighbors. Each resident is encouraged to maintain their independence and we honor their personal choices.

Residents enjoy private, locking apartments that allow them to decorate just the way they want, with their own personal belongings. Residents and families are involved in making the decisions that affect their lives.

At our residence you’ll find a high level of service with a personal caring touch. We invite you to come join us for a personal visit and experience the care and service we provide.