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Customer Reviews

rip off for what you DON'T get

on a website it says 2,200 but charged $3000 a month. all they do for most is give meds, change diapers, showers or sponge bath, help get up, walk if needed, give meals they don't get any real good MAIN meals soup, hot dogs etc. only 2 care givers not licensed work there & the other 4 houses owned. they do laundry, make things to eat/drink. now tell me HOW can ONE person get 3,000 worth of care?? even with electric, gas, water, cable, trash bills. there are 2 ppl in some rooms. Multiply 3,000 per 6 ppl(or more) in 5 houses! rip off a lot of BS by some workers & owner [Removed] that happens.

Understaffed Brothers people that live there

They are definitely understaffed and that is a big problem for everyone that lives there. Owner needs to hire more people that's for sure. There are only two and that is not enough at all for the number of people that are in that house and I I'm pretty sure that the other four houses she owns are the same way.

Very nice home, but quite far away. ...

Very nice home, but quite far away. Would be long trip for Mom to get to Doctor's. Had a beautiful room for Mom available.