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Customer Reviews

They were great; very caring.

Helpful and Accommodating

All I can say about the Comfort Keepers service is that they have been very helpful and accommodating. My loved one and I are very happy with the care - givers that they send over and I have no complaints.

They are doing a fabulous job

So far so good! We have only been using them for a short time and although I haven't had a lot of contact with the caregiver my sister is very pleased with them. They have washed dishes and gone above and beyond to do a good job. So far we are pleased with the service provided.

Darcy Antles

Local Representative

Thank you for your positive review! We are committed to treating our clients like a member of our own family and love assisting with all of their needs, and not just the basics. It is a pleasure!

Happy with the services provided by Comfort Keepers

Having Comfort Keepers come into my in-laws home has taken quite a bit of stress off of my husband and me. They come in for 4 hours a day, five days a week. There is always someone at the appointed time. If a new person is coming out, they are introduced by someone that they already know, so there is no cold calls. My in-laws seems to enjoy having someone there and it also gives them some one outside the family to talk to.

Darcy Antles

Local Representative

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We consider it a privilege to take care of your in-laws and be able to provide you the peace of mind you need.

Love the Comfort Keepers!!

I used to be a care giver myself, and all I can say about this place is, "Their Great!!"

They are very accommodating, transparent, and friendly.

I live 3000 miles away and I know what going on with my mom at all times.

If there is ever a hick up in service, they work quickly to resolve any situation.

There isn't enough good words I could say about Comfort Keepers.

Thank you!

Darcy Antles

Local Representative

Thank you very much for your positive review! As a former caregiver, your feedback is incredibly valuable and we are proud to be meeting your expectations!

Wonderful So Far

I just stopped by my mother-in-law's house and we found someone that she really likes. I don't know what the rate is so I'm not sure of the value but I know they were really helpful as far as checking insurance and things like that. JC, the guy that came was very good. It's been wonderful so far!

Darcy Antles

Local Representative

Thank you Kerry! We so appreciate your positive feedback!

Comfort Keepers Home Care

The caregivers are very good - warm, caring, and respectful of my mom and all family members that visit while they are there. They are also good with her dog, which is also important to her.

Darcy Antles

Local Representative

Thank you for your positive feedback Dianna! We work very hard to match our clients with the caregiver that best for them, and making sure the pets are a good fit is very important to us! We are so glad that your mom is pleased.

From the Provider


Comfort Keepers provides in-home care that makes a difference in the lives of seniors and other adults. For over a decade, clients and their families have entrusted their care to us in hundreds of local communities. Whether companionship services or in-home safety solutions, we provide the support and services that improve lives and enable independent living at home. Keeping individuals engaged in life mentally, emotionally, physically and socially can make a difference in their wellbeing. At Comfort Keepers, we call this philosophy Interactive Caregiving. It gives our clients a more healthy and meaningful quality of life. Interactive Caregiving is based on interrelated lifestyle factors.

MENTAL VITALITY - Keeping seniors mentally stimulated through activities helps them stay cognitively vital. It can help memory and contributes to an individual's optimism about life. We make mental exercise an integral part of our daily care through conversation, reminiscing, story telling, reading, playing games and other activities a client enjoys.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - Even moderate amounts of exercise contribute significantly to an individual's health by improving balance, flexibility, strength, and range of motion. Staying active and strong can improve a person's outlook on life and enhance independence.

SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT - Surrounding an individual with friends, family and activities people love can bring untold enjoyment. We understand how important this is so we help clients stay in touch with friends, attend social, religious and cultural events, or simply have the opportunity to interact with others.

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT - Knowing you contribute to the quality of life as well as others is fulfilling. It helps people see the bright potential of every day. Staying socially engaged, physically active and mentally stimulated all contribute to feeling happy and connected.