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Do your research first.

Feels like the “sale” or $$ was more of a consideration than the care of the client. Based on my conversations, they knew that I am highly concerned about who cares for my Mother because the right aide can make a tremendous difference in your loved one’s quality of life. When that aid does not perform to your standards, when they spend more time watching television or texting than they do tending to their charge or maintaining a clean and safe household – that is a problem. The other reason I feel like the sale was at the forefront of our interaction because the agency suggested that I modify the schedule of the nurse who works for us during the week so that perhaps to accommodate someone else the agency could find for us! I would not inconvenience the gem that we have just to allow an agency to make a sale.
I explicitly – in detail - conveyed to the agency the job's responsibilities for whomever is hired to come into my home to care for my loved one. I was honest about experiences we’ve had in the past and even more specific about what we would and would not tolerate and the type of person we hoped to employ (including work experience, demeanor, physical stature, etc.).
Please meet and interview candidates prior to working for you. I met only one of the aides before she was scheduled to work for us. She was nice and did a good job but could not sustain the physicality required for the job. I did not meet the other two until the day they started work. I also can’t stress enough doing your own background checks through Internet search and county records. Nurse Ratchet apparently was arrested for Grand Theft >$300 and Exploitation of Elderly less than $20,000. She was NOT convicted of the alleged conviction and the agency did run a Level 2 background check on her before and once I notified them of my findings – and she passed both background checks. HOWEVER, had I known this beforehand, she would not have stepped foot into my home, much less cared for my Mom.
To the credit of the agency - they indicated they will not hire her again for future cases, but I’m out money, unhappy, we think there is a bruise on my Mom because of this ratchet CNA and now I am writing this review…
Throughout the conversations with the agency, there were a few comments about my Mom that I found offensive, one such “label” was “low-functioning”. Let me be crystal clear (in hopes they read this and learn to be more sensitive to other clients). My Mom has foggy moments – but is in NO WAY “low functioning”. And if she were “low functioning” I think it quite insensitive to refer to someone in this manner – HIGHLY insensitive.
I’ve shelled out $$$$ to this agency for 3 mismatched aides and have gotten stress and anxiety in return. The last aid - Nurse Ratchet - more than anything did not follow directions, pretty much wanted to sit and watch TV instead of providing care AND disrespected not only me, my Mother and my Husband but also my home – because now I have to incur the expense to hire a professional carpet cleaner to remove food from my carpet that should not been there if the aid would have followed my demonstrations/directions. I asked the agency to take care of the carpet and to date have heard nothing.
What’s the net net on my experience with ComForCare? My ROI (Return on Investment) is negative. And what’s also interesting is that they have not asked me to do a review – usually if you’ve had a good experience with a business, they typically will ask you to provide your personal experience and review… This speaks volumes.

My husband Is Really Happy

My experience with this home care agency as been great. My husband really enjoys the staff the comes in. I'm very happy with the owner they are doing an excellent job helping out with everything.