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Customer Reviews


We hired this agency to care for an elderly relative 24/7. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to care for someone if you don't live in the same state. We thought the agency would be a little more Pro-Active knowing this fact. They needed to make in-house visits to check on my relative.
The first incident took place when the aide left my relative ALONE - in the care of a minor to go out & run errands!!!
This was followed by my 90 year old relative being left in the car - windows rolled up - in 92 degree weather! She was discovered by the SHERIFF - who then called me.
A lot of undesirable conditions were caused in the home -
heat & humidity - causing mold. Furniture had to be disposed of. Uncleanliness, leading to other undesirable conditions!!! A lot of personable belongings haven't been found. The last aide that was taking care of my relative really seemed to be fond of her. I truly believed she was well taken care of - until I found my relative in her wheelchair, sitting @ the kitchen table alone, while the aide went to bed.