Chez Nous Lodge Retirement Home - Lakeshore, ON

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Customer Reviews


Disgusted by the place. Short staffed. Some staff are rude, cruel, yell at my relative who is there for now. She has been left in soiled clothes and bed for hours. Room carpet left filthy for 4 days before it was cleaned. Poor food quality. The stereotypical representation of what happens when a resident is government funded. Not fit for human nor animal.

would never recommend or want to live uner these circumstances. My pets live in cleaner environment than these people!!!!!!!!

My friend has been living there for aprox. 6 months and upon visiting and entering the room the smell of urine knocks you over. The washroom is so bad you almost gag just walking by the doorway. There's towels wrapped around the toilet to aborb the urine but it's not catching it all because there's puddles on the floor. when I said something about it I was told it hadn't been cleaned yet that day. Very poor supervision no activites other than tv. Meds are not properly dispensed nor do they make sure they actually take them which is my friends case. he takes them then flushes them.not giving meds he's taken and needs to function. Not at all a clean healthy environment rooms not cleaned or sanitary.

Expected Better

My father has been at Chez Nous for approximately 1 month.
They have given unnecessary medications for blood pressure which caused dizziness. This has resulted in my dad falling twice. They only noticed it when i went through meds with the nurse on staff.
I have twice found the same untaken medication on his dresser. This med is for his arteries and blood flow. He is in heart failure and that med is imperative.
We bring dinners up for my father to enjoy. There are no microwaves available for resident use but we were told to just ask and they would put it on a plate and warm it up for him.
On asking the cook for a plate i was told that no one was allowed to bother the cook. There are only 2 other staff working and they are busy with residents.
There are no activities to keep residents busy. No art classes. No outside trips. No special days set up for them to look foreard to.
There is a very distinct smell of urine in the back hall where my father is staying. We have been told they need to pull up the carpet.
My father's room is freezing. He sits with sweatshirts and blankets. We asked them to fix it several times. Finally we cut out cardboard and duct taped it over the vent.

My mother has been at Chez Nous Lodge for 3 months,the place smell so bad of urine,the rug are so dirty.Some of the staff are friendly but most are working 12 to 13 hours shift and usually there on 2 persons per shift,so under staff.It suppose to a retirement home but most resident in there should be in nursing home,needing more care.There is no activities for the resident to keep busy at all, for the last 4 weeks the OPP have been call to remove residents with mental problem. I wish I could move my mother to a different home but my brother has power of attorney and will not do anything about it. The owner of Chez Nous Lodge is never around, I can understand why no one from the gov. Is not checking places like this,it should not be aloud,please do not place your love one at Chez Nous Lodge

Not good

I found the home in terrible condition the smell is terrible the garbage in the rooms garbage outside the roof is leaking the chairs are full and some are wet with the residents urine it is terrible the place should be shut down the rugs are so old and full of dirty urine not good for people leaving in these condition also the poor people leaving in there should be in better care as full. TERRIBLE PLACE TOEND YOUR RETIREMENT. HOPEFULLY THE PLACE WILL CLOSE SOON.