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Customer Reviews

When I first contacted this agency they sent a social worker to our home to find out what our needs are. Next, they sent a nurse out to get a more detailed version of what the caregiver would need to do. They have been very helpful and pleasant. I can call them at any time and ask who is scheduled and they are flexible when I need to change days or times. All of the caregivers they have sent me are hard-working and they are never bored. What I really like is that you will never see the caregivers on their phone. I will also give them a list of tasks that need to be done and if it isn’t checked off, the agency will call them and find out why it wasn’t done. The agency actually holds them accountable. They are also very responsible and follow through with things. I’ve only had one bad experience with a caregiver and he didn’t talk to my husband that well and he let him fall. I have since terminated him and the rest of the caregivers have been great. I would recommend this agency to other families.

very good with my mom

The caregiver we were given from BrightStar (her name is Sandy) has been very good with my mom. We are satisfied.

Good experience

BrightStar caregivers are observant and helpful
individuals all of whom are Certified Nursing Assistants.
Some are engaged in further education and nursing
degree programs.BrightStar advisors consider each
client's needs when suggesting the timing of shifts.

Gives us time now to actually visit our parents

The lady ew've had has been doing really well, a couple of people have come in that didn't do so well, they weren't as ambitious as her and oh boy she gets things done and even has time to sit down and visit with them. We're blessed that it worked out the way it did. My mom and dad requested the same lady and she's been doing a great job ever since she got there, cleaning stuff up, doing the laundry, she does a heck of a job. She reminds them to take their medicine, she assists with bathing and showers and thats been very beneficial. My dad had a sore on his leg that she took care of. It was just so hard on our family trying to maintain our own homes and then go up and do theirs. She just comes in twice a week and its tremendous what she's able to get done. It's been a great thing for our family to be able to go up and visit them without having to worry about cleaning the house and taking care of them.

From the Provider

BrightStar Care in Madison – WI, is committed to delivering the highest quality care. We have voluntarily attained accreditation for our home care agency by the Joint Commission which is a nationally recognized quality standards organization with rigorous standards.We treat our clients as extensions of our family and are available around the clock to handle all requests immediately. For quality home care, from to childcare to elder care, medical staffing and more, our database ensures the perfect match between each client’s needs and personality, and their caregiver.