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Customer Reviews

Great service and value!

I have family who have lived at Autumn Place since January 2016, including my mother, father and step-mother. I have found the staff to be exceptionally friendly and helpful at all times. My parents adjusted well from moving from their homes, as their daily living skills had deteriorated, requiring assistance in many areas. My father was the most resistant to moving out of his home, as he had been very independent all his life, but he was also aware that he needed the assistance he was receiving. He soon came to appreciate the consistent care and assistance he and my step-mother received, and his worries that my step-mother would be taken care of as his health was declining much more rapidly than hers, was allayed. Autumn Place has been a "Godsend" for us.


From my experience both as an employee and seeing first hand how patients are [Removed] and talking with employees who work there I know that this facility should be reevaluated. It's many flaws and lack of leadership and discipline are very obvious. There are some great employees who work there that are treated unfairly. Many are asked to work a lot of overtime because the cannot keep people hired due to low wages, little, if any raises, long hours, and no benefits. The owners of this facility need to be looked into. The people who run this facility in Joplin Missouri need to be looked at. I would not take my loved one to this place. Employees and patients are afraid to say anything.