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Customer Reviews

[Name removed] was really helpful and we enjoyed her so much. Would recommend this agency for anyone who needs help.

No Experience with Alzheimer or Dementia Patients

I was planning on contacting my contact at A Place For Mom, [name removed] - MPA, but I just received this formal request. It must be noted, [name removed] is absolutely amazing. As for Around The Clock, I spoke with the owner before hiring them and he said, "we only hire people who feel such work is their calling vs. someone who simply needs a job. He added his personnel will do absolutely anything needed. We had two different women come in and I was on hand during the visits. Neither one appeared to have any experience working with Alzheimer patients. Maybe old people who are not ill, but certainly not patients with dementia or Alzheimers. Both, uniquely, waited to be asked to do anything. Neither one took charge. But, they were friendly. I take this review process seriously and I can safely say I will never call upon Around The Clock for our needs. In short, at the risk of being rude, I could have received the same care from a baby sitter. After one week, I let them go.

Very long story short, but I used their care for my mother for one day and it was phenomenal. They require a two week deposit before they start. After the one day my mother went into the hospital. After months of fighting it took me calling the Better Business Bureau before I finally received my money back! I do not recommend this company unless you have a lot of money to spare.

Horrible Experience

I used this home service for 1 day and then my mom collapsed the next day and didn't use them again. The actual caregiver was amazing she stayed extra time because mom wasn't doing great that day and she called and checked on my mom to see if things were ok. It was the administration that made me go to the Better Business Bureau! So you have to give a 2 week deposit before they send anyone to you. So i asked for a refund and I called and called and no replies they refunded me some of the deposit, but they kept billing me for stuff so they wouldn't have to give me a full refund! I got a call from the lady I dealt with and she said she was no longer with that company that I would have to contact someone else. So i contacted that someone else multiple times with no responses. Then finally she calls back and blames the lady that wasn't with the company any longer. And finally it just got resolved in late Oct. and all this happened in July. I would NEVER recommend this place. It was unfortunate.

I've been a customer for about four years now, and [removed], and his staff have always been prompt, courteous and responsive with any questions, concerns or requests I may have with my uncle's care, even taking the time to contact me on weekends. The caregivers keep his home looking tidy and clean. They drive him around to run errands, go to appointments, or just out for a bite for lunch. Also, their rates are reasonable.

My mom wasn't ready for moving into a retirement home so we called Around the Clock to hire a companion. My mom's helper works 16 hours a week and takes care of things around the house my mom can't do. She also takes her on errands and helps with cooking. This is a great solution to my mom's needs.

Very disappointed in this company!!

I am very disappointed in this company and the way they had handled things with our arrangement for my dad. I had spoke to a gentleman who assured me everything would be great and this would be the best company for my mother and then he completely disappeared from my case and it was downhill from there. The new person I started to work with did not even show up for our appointment we had scheduled with them he was an hour late which was super frustrating . They neglected to also tell us that to use them we had to have minimum of twelve hours a week or else we could use there services. I ended up just completely cancelling my plan to use them and chose another company. I would not recommend this home health company to anyone.

Not for us

I think it's fine a fine company it just wasn't a good fit for me. I don't want to say anything negative about the company.


The caregiver that took care of my loved one was very friendly and nice. He helped my loved one with his medications and his showers. Every once in a while, he would help with meals. The only complaint I have is when I returned from my trip, the caregiver had not given my loved one his medication for the day, and when I asked him he said it was because he did not want to give it to him on an empty stomach.

Needs Improvement!!

I had no issues with the company itself, but the caregiver they had sent to my loved one lacked experience and compassion. We ended up discontinuing our care with Around the clock Home Services because we where not getting the services needed to care for my mother.

Questionable Services

I went through 3 caregivers with this agency and found that they are not the best. With the third caregiver, she came with 2 other adults unannounced and this scared my mom. This was unacceptable to do. A few days later my mom's house was robbed. The owner was very nice and all together I was not impressed with the caregivers.

Wonderful staff

The facility is very expensive, but the level of care is makes it worth it. The staff is wonderful and they are so good with the residents. The facility itself is very nice and is always clean. The residents here are happy and well taken of.

It's been fine so far.

It's been fine so far. They have been reliable, and we haven't had any issues with billing. The people have been good.

They are just great!!

Around The Clock Home Care has been fantastic. I really appreciate how patient Eric has been and how awesome our caregiver Crystal is! She is truly amazing! Who would of thought I'd be able to have not only a caregiver for my mother but a personal chef! I am so happy I've found them and would most definitely recommend to a friend!

No Problems

It's so expensive. I mean, they have a good price, better than anyone else. Their cost was significantly less than other people but the cost of home care in general is just so high. And I understand why. It's a hard job but it's still hard when you're on a budget.

They're friendly and cordial. We didn't have any problems during that time. It was a whole week and there were no complaints from the provider or my father. I would use them again.

From the Provider

Around The Clock Home Services, has been providing professional affordable in home care in Southern California for over 14 years.We have maintained quality of life for not only the patient , but the families as well. We at ATCHS understand that this juncture in life is difficult for entire families. We will take the concern from the elderly as well as the children of.
Not only do we offer a higher level of care , but we distinguish ourselves with 14 years of staffing hospitals in California as well. So you know that you will be receiving professional , confident, commitment to each and every client.We are also accredited members of the BBB.
" We will treat every contact as a friend, every client as family and perform every task with honor."

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