Arlington Place of St Joseph - Saint Joseph, MN

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Customer Reviews

It reminds me of a funeral home!

The only thing I liked about this place was the showroom they had. It was bright, big, cheery, and clean. Everything else I was disgusted at. The rooms had windows pointed toward an alley. I didn’t like the fact that they put this facility in the middle of a residential neighborhood. It has no yard or space to even go on a walk beside just wandering around the city. They did say that have little boxes that are waist high for the people to go out and garden, but again it’s in an alley and unsafe. There is nowhere to sit outside beside this 3 foot wide bench next to a busy road. You really feel like you’re closed in here. They don’t have any room for outside activities. Their main gathering room is really dark and they must have 5 layers of curtains. It reminds me of a [Removed] home! They should really let the sun in. It seems kind of dumpy to my husband and I. The kitchen is open to the dining room and feels more like a school cafeteria. I would not recommend this facility.