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Started service in June for my bedridden mother, Saturday's only! Awful service. We have another service during the week, never realized how blessed my mom is with her other service until now. Not only do girls just not show up, main communication is a voicemail service so good luck ever talking to someone in charge. Girls that do show up are never trained. Trust me, run from this place. They do not care about anything but money. So sad how elderly are treated. I'm filing complaint we try general, they need to be shut down.

We were happy with their service.

We were happy with their service. They did a good job and were reliable. I would score them five out of five.

A Helpful Watching Eye

I read some reviews and took a chance with this agency. Our caregiver is doing a nice job watching my dad throughout the day. Since I am busy with work they ensure he is doing pretty well in my home. The caregiver respects my home and works well with my dad. They are fitting in with the family since living with us. There has been some up and downs but they improve all the time.

Talked to Ken, very nice, u...

Talked to Ken, very nice, understanding, dealing with his mom right now after losing dad 2 months ago.

They're Great, I have no complaints, the girl is very nice.

They're great, I have no complaints, the girl is very nice. I feel that we do get value she does for my mother but she also does other things so she like an organizer, my house is messy and if she sees dishes in the sink she will do the dishes up. She doesn't like to sit still. She'll go make the bed or check to make sure that she has had her medicine for the day and did you have breakfast what can I get you if she hasn't hade breakfast, what can I get you for lunch and if the dishes need to be done she does that. My phone conversation with the RN who they have on staff is what made me want to go through them, she comes in on a once a month basis and checks in with the caregivers and the patients. They hired someone specifically for my mother. My other experiences have been that we would have a caregiver for a week and then a new one next week and it took a while to get someone steady. This woman helps my mother with her physical therapy exercises, and they also help with petcare. They are local to me, their office is in the next town over and the girl lives closeby who comes and takes care of my mother.

Owner is an RN

Sometimes you get a caregiver that's not as good as another one personality wise but my mother likes them. I like the idea that the owner of the firm is a registered nurse so she has a lot of experience. It creates a nice comfort zone. We've had them since March. They just changed the caregiver but other than that they're great.

Very happy with the service...

Very happy with the service! Thank you!