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Nursing Homes in Bakersfield, California

Studies show that more and more seniors enter nursing homes every year since the fastest growing age group in the U.S. is the 70 and up group. The good news is that nursing home care standards have improved in recent years, and the care has become more patient-centered. Additionally, nursing homes offer structure and order to a senior's daily care and routine. When you sit down with your loved one to discuss the possibility of moving to a nursing home, focusing on the positive aspects can greatly improve the conversation. For those who live in Bakersfield, there are plenty of options available for you and your family to choose from, which means it's easy to find a home that fits your loved one perfectly.

Discover More about Bakersfield

Bakersfield is one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, and it is home to the country music genre known as the Bakersfield Sound. It produces 76 percent of the state's oil supply and ranks third among all the counties in the United States in agriculture-related production. It has an impressive number of locally-owned, authentic restaurants, award-winning museum exhibits, and regional attractions that occur year round. Plus, for the adventurous, the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains are a short drive away from the city. In the mountains, there is whitewater rafting, fly-fishing, and hiking. Admittedly, those living in a nursing home may not be up for whitewater rafting or hiking, but there are still plenty of things available to seniors who live in the Bakersfield area.

Doing What's Best for Your Loved One

Despite your desire to care for a loved one, you have a life and responsibilities, as well. As seniors age, it may become harder for you to manage and cope with it all, especially if they get sick. As their guardian, you have to think of what's best for them, and sometimes that means a nursing home, even if you don't want to place them there. Nursing homes provide aging seniors a social, supportive environment, and give them a chance to live a higher quality of life than if they were simply stuck at home. Imagine your loved one visiting museums each week, or fly-fishing with their new friends. These facilities provide activities, social outings, and events for seniors to keep them active and happy. Your loved one can have a comfortable life while staying at a nursing home, you just have to choose the one that fits their personality. Considering a loved one's needs and preferences during the search will make things easier, and provide everyone peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Facility

To start the process, make a list of non-negotiables. This may include things such as a secured facility, a varied menu with high quality food, options for day trips to theaters and museums, medical care, and so on. Once you have a list of considerations, narrow down your possibilities. If a facility doesn't meet your requirements, you can cross it off and move on to the next one. Contact your acceptable homes and schedule a tour. Ask questions about the facility and the staff, and pay attention to the residents. You will get a vibe that lets you know whether you should stay or not. Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions, either. It's important to know what the nursing home's policies are, and whether you agree with them. Finally, make sure your loved one is comfortable with the place. No matter how good it seems on paper, if your loved one doesn't like living there, you will experience issues in the future.

Nursing Home Costs

In most of the country, nursing home costs average about $50,000 a year. Unfortunately, California is one of the most expensive states to live in, so the average cost of a nursing home in Bakersfield is more like $75,000 a year. The costs depend on the nursing home's available benefits, the amenities they offer, and the cost of living in the area you choose to live in. There are a few options available when it comes to paying for a nursing home. Long-term care insurance is a popular choice because it significantly reduces the cost of paying for a nursing home out of pocket. After that, there is Medicare and/or Medicaid. Finally, and this should be a last resort, you can pay out of pocket. Whichever route you decide to take, be certain that it's the right move for you and your family.

Loved ones moving to a nursing home may feel abandoned and unloved. It's important to pick a place close to family, and visit as much as possible to help them transition to their new lifestyle. It won't take long, provided you've picked the right facility, because they will have a more active social life, and probably spend time enjoying things they'd never done before. Seniors living in Bakersfield may find themselves experiencing new adventures and visiting new places, even if they've lived in the city their whole lives.