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Medigas - Thunder Bay, ON

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Home Care in Thunder Bay, ON

As a whole, people are living longer. This is obviously great news that should be celebrated. At the same time, this also means that there may be a greater influx of senior-aged people that will need some sort of home care. The reasons for this care could stem from a host of chronic conditions ranging from long-term ailments to terminal illnesses. This also means that there is great potential for the number of families having to make stressful decisions based on home care to increase. Fortunately, Thunder Bay, Ontario is home to a wide array of home care options that allow seniors in need of care to receive the crucial aid that they need, all within the confines of their own home.

Why Thunder Bay?

The most famous landmark of Thunder Bay is something that, in a way, doesn't exist. This city of about 108,000 residents is home to The Sleeping Giant; an optical illusion that is "created" by viewing a plotted group of mesas within Lake Superior's Sibley Peninsula from the city's northwestern and western segments. This trick of the eye, which does create the visual of a sleeping giant when viewed properly, is important enough to Thunder Bay's identity to be on the city’s flag and coat of arms. And in a way, it is symbolic on how the city came together.

Not unlike the Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay exists because it was put together by different parts of land. Specifically, it officially formed in 1970 as an amalgamation of the communities of McIntyre, Port Arthur, Fort Williams, and Neebing. The city is called Thunder Bay because of a fluky voting process. More people wanted to name the city Lakehead, but the masses' inability to differentiate between "Lakehead" and "The Lakehead" ended up splitting the vote between these two names enough to allow Thunder Bay to win out.

In a way, it's appropriate that Thunder Bay's symbol is a giant. It is the largest city in Northwestern Ontario, and it acts as a regional hub for various industries tied to the public sector like medical and administration. Its position along Lake Superior also allows it to have prime access to the Saint Lawrence Seaway, which has long made it a key regional shipping hub.

The presence of Lake Superior also provides Thunder Bay with some rather unique weather patterns. The body of water influences somewhat of a neutralizing effect on the town and its weather, which results in cooler summers and warmer winters when compared with some of the other cities within the area. This intriguing pattern may be appealing to those that are looking to settle into a place whose seasons are not as extreme in nature.

Home Care in Thunder Bay

As the name may suggest, the concept of home care is defined by special assistance that is provided to a senior by a professional care giver within the senior's personal residence. This level of aid that is administered by the caregiver is twofold in nature. Firstly, the caregiver is charged with helping the senior with various activities of daily living, which can otherwise be known as ADLs. These critical functions include getting dressed, taking a bath, and even providing help with basic functions such as eating and walking. The second purpose that a caregiver is tasked with completing is to aid the senior with daily tasks that are not as inherently physical, but are nonetheless crucial to keeping home care going within a senior’s home. These functions could include housecleaning, picking up groceries, or cooking meals. Ultimately, these dual functions serve the noble purpose of letting a senior receive the kind of special care that would otherwise be doled out in a senior living community.

Living Nicely in Thunder Bay

It is reasonable that seniors that are in need of aid for regular daily living would still need to be as independent as possible, even if that simply means living within their the confines of their own home. And that is why these home care services within Thunder Bay’s borders are so essential. It allows seniors to receive the type of care needed for proper living without them having to sacrifice the home that they love. Ultimately, this basic function goes a long way into letting them to enjoy peace of mind. It also enables families of the senior in question to enjoy peace of mind along the way, which is an element that can be every bit as crucial as the actual care itself.