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Home Care in Sioux Falls, SD

Studies show that the quickest growing age demographic in the country is the one for ages 70 and over. This is obviously huge news from a strict biological and physiological standpoint, as it demonstrates that the average American is living longer now than they ever have before. Yet it is also noteworthy from a long-term care standpoint, as it also means that the need for these special kinds of services is also poised to increase. Conversely, this could easily translate into an increase in the number of families who may become overwhelmed with the notion of finding aid for the beloved golden ager in their lives when the time comes. And while there may be an initial instinct to try and do things themselves, the reality is that doing so could end up doing much more harm than good. The good news here is there are a wide range of home care options in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for families to choose from. The city's high-quality, fully accredited options are collectively built to provide a gentle measure of aid for golden agers within the confines of their own home; something that keeps them in an environment that feels safe, secure, and ultimately dignified.

A Look at Sioux Falls

What's in a name? If you are talking about Sioux Falls, there is quite a lot. The name of this town of about 165,000 residents is derived from the city's main, show-stopping geographic feature. Namely, the beautiful falls of the Big Sioux River that is located just a little north of the city's downtown area. Yet there is much more to this bustling city than a cascading stream of water.

For instance, Sioux Falls is as close to major metropolitan area as you'll find in South Dakota. While its population appears to be modest in comparison to other cities, it does represent around 29% of the state's overall population. And it wouldn't be all that surprising if this number increases over time, as the city has started to develop a sterling reputation for being an excellent place for business. A good chunk of this standing has to do with the fact that the state does not charge corporate income tax. But even as the town has been able to grow and thrive by welcoming businesses with open arms, it has done so without disrupting its overall cost-effectiveness. The city boasts a cost of living that is lower than the national average, and this metric can be of particular interest to those that are looking for a place to stretch their dollar.

It is also a terrific place for those that want to get in touch with nature. Obviously, their adherence to outdoor splendor is best shown through the falls, but it also manifests itself through a finely-crafted network of 70 parks linked through an undulating 16-mile pathway that serves as a conduit for outdoor activity. This commitment to nature allows the city to maintain a romantic spirit that taps into the sweeping nature of the Great Plains, even as it continues to progress into the 21st century.

Sioux Falls and Home Care

Home care, which occasionally goes by the terms home health care and in-home care, is more or less care administered to a senior by a professional caregiver within a senior's own residence. Under these circumstances, the golden ager is tasked with two essential functions. In the first function, they are responsible for providing aid to seniors for various activities of daily living, otherwise known as ADLs. Some of these activities include bathing, dressing, and eating. In the second function, they are charged with providing assistance in other basic daily tasks that are more in tune with keeping the basic affairs of the senior's home in order. These activities can include cleaning the house, prepping medications, picking up groceries and cooking meals. Ultimately, these two functions blend to enable the golden ager to retain a certain measure of independent living; one that may not be as readily achieved in the average group living situation.

Living Well in Sioux Falls

Having to decide on a measure of assisted care is undoubtedly a tough one to make. Yet the highly accredited home caregivers that are located within Sioux Falls' borders could soften the burden of such a heavy decision. Because all of the care takes place within the golden ager's home, this level of care can give seniors and their families a special measure of comfort and peace.