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Home Care in Sarnia, ON

According to Statistics Canada, about 14 percent of the nation's population is aged 65 and older. Seeing as how people are living longer than they ever have before, it is thought this number will increase. While this is obviously cause for celebration, it should be noted that there will most likely be an increased need for home care services to provide aid for seniors that develop chronic conditions, such as long-term ailments, permanent disability, or terminal illness. As such, it also stands to reason that there will be an uptick in the number of families that will need to find high-quality, fully accredited care for their golden aged love ones – a process that can cause a great deal of stress. Yet there is a silver lining for families that find themselves in these situations, in the form of the home care options that are found within Sarnia, Ontario. These high-quality, fully accredited services are especially designed to provide care for a senior within the comfort of his or her home, which could in turn help lessen a family’s stress-fueled burden.

Why Sarnia?

One could make the argument that Canada as it currently exists would not be possible without Sarnia. After all, the French explorer La Salle was attracted to the city's natural harbor, and his navigation set the groundwork for other European settlers to follow suit. The discovery of the region's famous Oil Springs in 1858 allowed Sarnia to be considered the first place in North America where oil drilling took place. What’s more, the city was able to take advantage of its own harbor to easily export oil around the world, which played a key role in laying the foundation for Canada's economy. It also became a global leader in teaching the art of oil drilling.

The oil and petrochemical industry still provide the fuel that keeps this city of about 72,000 residents running smoothly. Industry titans like Sunoco and Shell Chemical have refineries here, and their presence is a key tentpole in the regional area known as Chemical Valley. Yet while oil continues to be the element that allows Sarnia to bubble up to the surface, there are several other things about the city that are worthy of attention.

For example, Sarnia has built a sterling reputation for having a strong arts and culture scene, especially when it comes to music and theatre. The city has also developed a reputation for being a strong protector of nature, which may be surprising to some, given the city's reputation for being an oil industry titan. This adherence to splendor may be best seen through its system of over 100 parks, including some that have specifically been built to care for the area’s indigenous wildlife. What's more, the city’s presence along the eastern shore of Lake Huron has enabled it to be a regional destination for seasonal outdoor activities such as swimming and sailing.

One of the more interesting ways that Sarnia attracts visitors is through its fresh-cut fries. Thousands of out-of-towners flock to the city to check out its collection of "chip trucks" that are found under its Bluewater Bridge. The reason for this allure is not just hype-based; the fries have been nationally recognizes as being the best available in Canada.

Sarnia Home Care at a Glance

Home care, which can also be known as home health care, is essentially defined as care given to a senior by a professional caregiver within the senior's own home. Under these circumstances, the caregiver is tasked with two essential functions. In the first function, they are responsible for providing aid to seniors for various activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. In the second function, the caregiver is tasked with providing aid in various forms of day-to-day activities that are critical for the continuation of the home care process, like buying groceries, cooking meals, and prepping medications. These two components ultimately combine to create an atmosphere that gives seniors a means to retain a basic measure of independent living; one that may not be a little bit difficult to achieve within a senior living community.

Safe Living in Sarnia

It is completely understandable, that a senior that needs assistance in day-to-day living would want to remain as independent he or she possibly could, even if this form of independence simply means that he or she can remain at home to receive the care. And because of Sarnia’s home care options, this simple act of independence is something that can be readily attained.