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Memory Care in Red Deer, AB

There are many benefits to getting older, but one of the drawbacks is dealing with memory loss. It's a natural part of aging, and some degree of memory loss is to be expected. However, there are times when the memory loss becomes more than just normal, and moves into dementia or Alzheimer's disease. When that happens, it's time to consider a memory care facility because your loved one will need supervision and assistance, especially as the illness progresses. A memory care facility can provide your loved one a safe and secure space to be who they are, while still receiving the care they need to manage the symptoms of their illness. In some cases, with therapy and treatment, the progression of dementia and Alzheimer's can be slowed down. However, it's important that you understand there isn't a cure, so they will get worse over time. Finding them the right facility to manage their care is the best way to make sure they remain comfortable, even when their disease is in its final stages.

Living in Red Deer

The city focuses on being safe, green, and a great place to raise a family. It plans it's construction to happen in what it calls a "season" to help families adjust and not take away from their daily activities. When construction season hits, the city's website updates traffic patterns to help avoid congestion in any one area. Additionally, there are many options available for entertaining, such as theaters, museums, and Kraay Family Farm. Red Deer is a great place to settle down and raise a family, and because of its family-oriented focus, the senior care options are top of the line, as well.

Signs that Memory Care is the Right Option

There are some signs you can watch out for as your loved one gets older to let you know when it's time to start looking into memory care facilities. These include:

  • Your loved one wanders off frequently.
  • They forget to take their medication almost every day.
  • Their behavior often turns anxious, aggressive, or disruptive.
  • You notice unexplained weight loss or gain.
  • Your loved one's personal hygiene starts to decline.
  • You notice your loved one's bills stacking up and that they've received collection notices.
  • You notice water or fire damage in your loved one's home.
  • Your loved one shows signs of hoarding or buying multiple items of things not normally purchased in bulk.
If your loved one displays any of these symptoms, their memory loss has progressed pretty significantly, and you might want to take them to the doctor. They may have dementia, and in more advanced cases, Alzheimer's disease. Once you determine the extent of their memory impairment, you can find the right facility to care for your loved one.

Choosing the Right Facility

The first step to finding the right memory care facility is determining how much care they need. If your loved one is mostly stable with the exception of their memory loss, then assisted living might be the best option. However, if they have other medical concerns in addition to their memory loss, then a nursing home may be the best choice for them. It's a good idea to speak to their doctor for his or her opinion, and then keep in mind future needs, as well. You don't want to have to move them in the future because their condition gets so much worse. Moving loved ones in the middle of their care can be disruptive and set them back, so think about that before deciding on a community. Once you decide which type of community to look at, start by researching the communities online. Red Deer has several different communities, so you'll want to have a list of non-negotiables to compare the offerings. For example, seniors with memory loss need a secure facility that encourages healthy wandering, so a community that isn't gated may not make sense for your loved one. Once you've narrowed down your choices, contact the communities to schedule a tour. Remember to choose a facility that aligns with your loved one's preferences and not your own.

Paying for Care

Now that you've picked a place for your loved one to settle into, the next step is figuring out how to pay for it. This can be a challenging step for many families, especially if they haven't planned ahead. With that in mind, you should know that the average cost memory care ranges from $1,500 to $7,000 a month. Some of the details that influence the cost include private rooms versus semi-private rooms, amenities, community size, location, and the level of care your loved one needs. If you plan early enough, the best way to cover the costs is to get long-term care insurance. You can also use government resources such as the Canadian pension to help supplement the payments. As a last resort, you can use funds from a reverse mortgage or your savings to cover the costs of memory care.

Depending on the severity of your loved one's memory loss, they may not be too happy to have the discussion about moving to a facility. It's important you have the conversation well before the onset of dementia or Alzheimer's so that you know what to do when the time comes. However, as difficult as the conversation is, you still have to do what's best for your loved one. If their behavior becomes aggressive or belligerent, keep in mind that it's not you, it's their anxiety. Get them moved into the facility so they can start treatment. The facility's trained staff can help overcome the mood swings and make it so that your visits are more pleasant than they'd been previously. In addition, you'll rest easier at night knowing that your loved one is well cared for, and on the road to living a rewarding and fulfilling life.