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JUBILEE LODGE - Prince George, BC

Edmonton Street, Prince George, BC V2M2L3
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Nursing Homes in Prince George, BC

There tends to be a lot that is misconstrued about the concept of nursing home care. Because of its name, people might tend to instantly equate it to thoughts of an "old folks' home" where elderly types simply sit around, play cards, stare at the television, and don't really do much of anything else. However, this stereotypical notion is an incorrect representation of the concept. The truth is that nursing home care is a vital service that helps seniors return to a place of full recovery and functionality in the aftermath of a surgical procedure or an injury. The goal of these special facilities is to be short-term solutions of recovery, so that fully rehabilitated seniors may be able to get back on their feet again. And there is a wide range of these special facilities in Prince George, British Columbia for seniors to choose from. While each of these special facilities go about their business in different ways, they all strive to take care of each of their patients in a manner that is safe, secure, and dignified.

Prince George in Brief

If you want to get technical about things, Prince George is in Southern British Columbia, as it stands at 54 degrees latitude. Yet this geographic-based fact has not prevented this city of some 72,000 residents to be considered as the northern capital of B.C. What’s more, there are several ways in which the city can justify this claim.

First off, Prince George is considered to be a vital transportation hub. Major highways run north to south and east to west, and the city is still a key regional rail hub. This traditionally lent a hand in shaping the city's economic landscape, as Prince George was known throughout the 20th century as a key player in the forestry industry. Today, Prince George enjoys a diverse industry that ranges from various service industries to forays into mining.

Education has also helped to shape Prince George's character. The city is home to Canada's second newest university, the University of Northern British Columbia, which was founded in 1990. The university has quickly gained a sterling reputation as being one of the best small institutions for higher learning in Western Canada; moreover, its campus has also help to extend the city's reputation for having a beautiful aesthetic. The city is nestled within the transition between the northern and southern halves of the Rocky Mountain Trench, which provides residents with some rather stunning dramatic views. Several cutbacks of the Nechako River are also found within the city en route to joining the Fraser River, and these cutbacks provide the city with even more rugged beauty.

Prince George’s traditional ties to the forest industry are still showcased today, particularly through the city's unique mascot, Mr. P.G. This mascot is a "person" built from various logs and stands at the intersection of Highways 97 and 16 – the two major thoroughfares that connect the city with other parts of Canada. It is such a distinctive feature, it was immortalized by the Canadian government through a series of Canada post stamps back in 2009.

A Look at Prince George's Nursing Home Care Scene

Nursing home care is a special service that enables seniors to experience the highest level of care without being admitted to a hospital. The service is equipped to provide seniors with short-term care in which they carefully administer aid through a wide range of rehabilitative functions like physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. The endgame with this kind of care is to provide seniors with a safe and secure social environment where they can make a full recovery of their skills and functionality before being released to resume their everyday life. This service also provides long-term care for seniors with conditions such as dementia, giving them a safe and secure place to receive assistance in various activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing, or walking. In both cases, each facility deftly deploys their skills in a manner that ultimately protects the senior's dignity.

Living Nicely in Prince George

The nursing care services that are located within Prince George are designed to ensure that seniors that are in need of recovery and recuperation in the aftermath of an injury or ailment can receive rehabilitative services at a proper pace. As a result, seniors that utilize this special form of care can be assured that any kind of therapy they receive in these facilities will be performed with their best long-term interest in mind.