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Nursing Homes in Montgomery, Alabama

Nursing home care is often a part of life for an aging senior, and it can be difficult for families to talk about when the time comes. However, the decision to move a loved one to a nursing home is a big deal, and families should discuss the details well before hand to ensure everyone is on the same page. Aside from the decision itself, there may also be financial concerns to work out, and the sooner families get started on that, the better. Fortunately for those in Alabama, Montgomery has plenty of options to choose from.

More about Montgomery

Montgomery is the second largest city in Alabama, and it boasts a lot of old southern charm. Old Alabama Town features 19th-century life, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts shows off the city's artsy side, and for those who love history, Montgomery has one of the largest reenactments of the Civil War. In addition, there are several interesting attractions in honor of Rosa Parks, the African-American woman who changed history by refusing to ride at the back of the bus. For literary fans, there is the Fitzgerald Museum and for kids and families, the Montgomery Zoo has a lot to offer, as well. In short, the city has several attractions that make it a great place for tourists, families, and retirees.

Why Nursing Homes are a Good Option

It's no secret that nursing homes get a bad reputation thanks to Hollywood and a few bad apples, but it is important that families and seniors understand those horror stories aren't the norm. In fact, the health care industry as a whole is moving in an entirely new direction. Health care has become more patient-centered, more sophisticated, and less invasive with their procedures. Furthermore, nursing homes provide structure in daily care and routine, the staff has experience in caring for the elderly, especially those who may be frail or sick, they create a social environment for the residents, and they offer rehabilitation and therapy services to those residents who need them.

What to Look for in a Nursing Home

When you begin your search for a nursing home, there are three categories you need to consider for each home you look at: administration, the facility, and the staff and care. Under the administration category, consider the following:

  • Is the facility in good standing with the state inspectors?
  • Are the fees competitive?
  • What services cost more than the normal fees?
  • Is there a resident advisory council?
For the facility category, consider these questions:
  • Is the home easily accessible for residents (e.g. does it have rails and wheelchair-accessible doorways)?
  • Are there safety precautions to prevent residents from falling?
  • Is the facility clean?
  • Is the heating and cooling adequate?
And finally, in the staff and care category, consider the following:
  • Is the atmosphere pleasant?
  • Does the staff seem to genuinely care about the residents and enjoy working with them?
  • Are the other residents clean, reasonably dressed, healthy, and happy?
  • Is the food hot, healthy, and tasty, and does the resident have access to drinking water?

Paying for Nursing Home Care

Statistics show that the average cost of nursing home care in the United States is about $50,000 a year, and that price can go up in certain parts of the nation. The factors that most affect costs include cost of living in the state, food and utility prices in the state, and amenities offered by the nursing home. Unfortunately, statistics also show that families who choose to pay out of pocket for nursing home care tend to burn through their funds within six months, which means that unless they have a back up payment plan, their loved one is likely to be discharged from the nursing home.

When families sit down to discuss nursing home care, it's important to talk about the financial aspect of the arrangement. Aside from paying out of pocket, families have other options. The first, and perhaps the most beneficial, is long-term care insurance. The second is Medicare and/or Medicaid. Alabama has its own rules about qualifying for those programs, so look into them as soon as possible.

Nursing homes can provide the care and assistance that aging seniors need, and they give families a sense of relief that their loved ones are looked after. The key to nursing home life is finding one that matches your loved one's personality, and offers all of the features and amenities you both want. Montgomery has a number of nursing homes around town that offer plenty of features and benefits for the golden ager in your life.