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Nursing Homes in McAllen, Texas

Many people like Texas because of its warm weather and unique personality, and the available nursing homes certainly reflect all that is liked about the state. This is helpful for those who are anxious about the idea of entering a nursing home because it gives them something they are comfortable and familiar to work with. As seniors age, they need more assistance than many of their family members can provide. Nursing homes are a great alternative for families, and those who do their research and find the one best suited to their loved ones will have less resistance than those who choose one at random. McAllen has plenty of options for families to choose from, so finding the right one is easier than one might think.

McAllen is in South Texas, and it rests on the Rio Grande, across from the Mexican city of Reynosa. Thanks to the North American Free Trade Association, the largest industry in McAllen is international trade. It has an established Foreign Trade Zone, and it continually ranks among the most active trade zones in the United States. The area is located in a food desert, which means there is a severe lack of healthy foods for residents. This is a concern for the elderly population, and nursing homes that do provide healthier food options for its residents often charge more than other nursing homes.

Choosing the Right Home

The key to a successful transition is finding a home that fits your aging loved one's life. First, decide what you and your loved one want in a nursing home. This may include things such as a secured facility, a varied menu that offers high quality organic food, options for day trips, medical care, and so on. Once you have a few places picked out, contact them to schedule a tour. The tour is a great way to determine if the home truly meets your requirements, and to become familiar with the staff and some of the residents. It's important to know what the nursing home's policies are, and whether you agree with them. One of the hardest parts of nursing home care for seniors is the fact that they lose their independence. To help seniors adjust to this change, many nursing homes allow its residents the freedom to make certain decisions for themselves. It gives seniors an opportunity to control a part of their life.

Making the Move

Moving into a nursing home can be an emotional process for seniors because they're leaving the home they've probably spent the majority of their adult life in. If they're moving from a house, they'll have more belongings than they can take with them, so they'll need to downsize, even if they have a spacious apartment. The time they spend downsizing their belongings is a good time to spend with them so you can reassure them their new journey will be a positive experience. Helping them make difficult decisions about which items to keep and which to give away will speed up the process. Once you choose a nursing home, you'll know exactly how much space you have, but you can certainly start the downsizing process early so your loved one can take their time.

Paying for Care

The average cost of nursing home care in the U.S. is $50,000 per year, and families can expect to spend about that in McAllen, unless they opt for more amenities and services. Paying for nursing home care can be a challenge for many people, though, so it's best to start preparing as early as possible. Long-term care insurance is the most advisable option as it covers the majority of nursing home care. After that, Medicare and Medicaid are the next best options. Texas has its own rules about qualifying for them, and not all nursing homes accept them as payment, so you should look into that before searching for a nursing home. Only as a last resort should you consider paying out of pocket. Experts say that families who pay out of pocket are barely able to keep up with payments for six months before funds run out. It's stressful, financially draining, and there are better options available.

When the time comes for your loved one to move to a nursing home, it can be an emotional period. However, that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the experience, provided you helped find the right home for them. Seniors in nursing homes have said their lives are a lot better in the community living environment than living at home by themselves, so it works out for everyone in the end. Seniors have access to a better lifestyle, resources, and medical care, and families get peace of mind that their loved ones are well taken care of by professionals.