Vista Springs Riverside Gardens - Grand Rapids, MI

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Customer Reviews


We were residents at Riverside within the first year after it opened. At first we were very happy with the facility BUT it didn't tale long to find the truth. While it was clean and a good location it didn't take long to see the discontent. Staff turnover is very high and we found out that the policy is to staff at only the required levels of the state. Response to the call system is very slow and the call system(s) are inadequate (it was changed several times). Activities are only adequate also a result of low staffing. We saw a complete turnover of top management from the top down, director, especially kitchen & dining room staff. The first chef was excellent with top quality menus, but the next one was poorly trained and his main experience was a food demonstrator. Policies are not explained very well and corporate management will not answer letters sent to him. Handicap parking is very limited 3 spaces, general parking is very limited. I can not recommend Riverside .
to anyone.

A Very Nice Community

My parents have moved in to Vista Springs Riverside Gardens, and it has been a very good experience so far. The director has been great to talk to, and has been so helpful. The staff is nice enough, and my parents have been able to form some relationships with a few members. However, the turnover rate is pretty constant, so staff members are always coming and going. The food is good, and meals are complete and nutritious. However, my mother does wish meals were more like home cooked ones, but the cook has been willing to accept her suggestions on more than one occasion. The place is also quite clean and well-kept, but perhaps the best point are the activities available for the residents. About every other week it seems they take off-campus trips such as shopping, color tours, and Frederic Gardens. Overall, Vista Springs has been a positive experience, and I would recommend the community or others.