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From the Provider

I’ve been very blessed to have wonderful parents and in-laws, who have been role models of selflessness and compassion throughout my life. For this reason, it was so important that they received the best care when they became unable to care for themselves. Such care provided them with a great quality of life and gave my wife and me added peace of mind knowing they were being well cared for. I was so moved by the heartfelt assistance they received from caregivers that I started our Talem Home Care business to provide that very care to those in need. As a retired US Air Force Colonel who spent 23 years serving my country alongside my fellow service men and women, I also have a strong passion for caring for our senior veterans. Thus, Talem takes great pride in serving and caring for our veterans who spent much of their lifetime serving our country and its citizens. For these combined reasons, our Talem caregivers strive each and every day to provide loving care to all seniors to make their lives as enjoyable as possible and bring comfort to family members knowing their loved ones are in good hands.

It’s with this sense of family that Talem Home Care seeks to care for others. We know that caring for a family member involves not just the individual receiving care, but the entire family. For this reason, we look forward to engaging with all family members to ensure that the recipient of the care and the loved ones of the recipient all have peace of mind through that process. To achieve this, we’re dedicated to providing care that is tailored to each individual, which may involve aiding a senior who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia; assisting an individual with everyday personal needs in the home, such as preparing meals and getting dressed; completing household chores, running errands, and providing transportation; or taking the time to talk and provide companionship while helping with a hobby or watching tv. It is through this combination of care that our caregivers seek to improve the quality of life of our clients and relieve loved ones of any concerns regarding care needs.

We will help to guide your family through the many options of care and financing the care. We’ll then develop a tailored care plan and match the ideal caregiver to provide the specified care; and, if the time comes, we’ll assist your family in deciding on an optimal care community to transition to for full-time care. If you or your family member is facing these decisions regarding care options, we would be honored and humbled to assist you through that process and provide that care with a servant’s heart.

Aldon Purdham
Owner/Executive Director
Talem Home Care Colorado Springs